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Research Prospects

Our foremost research is aimed at further development of the Physics lab at SSE. This involves designing and developing experiments and the relevant apparatus to further enhance and compliment Physics education at Habib University. Keeping this vision in mind, much of the development work in the Physics lab is focused on developing technology for sensors and measurement apparatus to perform experiments in undergraduate Physics training. It is the ultimate goal of the Physics lab to be self-sufficient as it evolves as a discipline at Habib University.
Some of the interesting projects, along with supervising faculty, are:

  • Light intensity sensors (Shahbaz Ahmed Alvi)
  • Data Acquisition Cards (Tim Spracklen, Shahbaz Ahmed Alvi)
  • Force sensor (Shahbaz Ahmed Alvi)
  • Measuring intensity distribution in diffraction experiment (Shahbaz Ahmed Alvi)
  • Measuring the acceleration due to gravity
  • Building the prototype of a Muon detector in collaboration with LUMS ( Shahbaz Ahmed Alvi, Tariq Mumtaz)

There are a lot more exciting projects that are always underway at the Physics lab. Visit us or write to our faculty if you are interested in our work.

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