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Academic Writing Series

The Academic Writing Series introduces students to a range of pre-writing, research writing, and editing tools that can be applied to any and all writing assignments. It will teach students how to approach a question critically and how to structure their arguments for the sake of clarity.

  • Workshops
  • Writing Seminars قلم Series
  • Help with academic assignments
  • Assistance with Capstone projects
  • Final-year project reports

Reading Seminars

The Writing Center Reading Seminars are a series of workshops offered in the Fall with the aim of acquainting students with various reading techniques that will help them meaningfully engage with texts at college level. They are designed to cover both creative and academic texts, and are specifically focused on the incoming class of freshmen. These hour-long workshops introduce students to different styles of analysis and annotation that will equip them to actively participate in their core-courses.

  • Reading Seminars اقراﺀ Series
  • Help with critical reading

Speaking Circle Series

Aimed at students lacking confidence to voice their views, the Speaking Circle Series aims at providing participants with a low-stakes discussion group to slowly chip away the daunting task of speaking up in class, building vocabulary, and working on fluency through practice.

  • Speaking Circles راوی
  • Dramatic Readings
  • Presentation Skills Workshops

Creative Writing Series

  • Genre-based workshops
  • Writing Labs
  • Assistance with personal compositions

Research Writing Workshops

  • Formulating Research Question
  • Theoretical Framework & Methodology
  • Literature Review & Synthesizing Information
  • Abstract Writing: Types and Framework
  • Research Proposal
  • Presenting a Research Paper

Graduate School and Exchange Program Prep

  • Personal Statements (Learn Abroad, UGRAD, Research Abroad, Sister to Sister, SUSI, and other summer school programs)
  • Research Proposals
  • Statement of Purpose
  • IELTS/TOEFL preparation

Online and Onsite Resources on

  • Academic reading and writing
  • Writing in disciplines
  • TOFEL & IELTS preparation
  • Grammar and syntax
  • Referencing and citations (MLA, APA, and Chicago Style etc)
  • The Writing Process
  • Business/Professional Communication
  • Graduate school writing

Added Support

  • One-to-One Tutoring Sessions

Students can see a Writing Associate for these sessions either as a walk-in, or as a scheduled appointment.

  • Individual Learning Program for communication skills enhancement

These are scheduled sessions, usually bi-weekly where a customized plan is made for a student to provide them with consistent, supplemental support for specific skills or course work. These sessions are designed based on recommendations received from academic advisors and/or course instructors. Students may also contact the Assistant Manager, Learning Support Services, directly for these sessions.

Certificate Courses

  • Business Communication

This certificate course introduces participants to a wide range of professional communication tools that they are likely to encounter in a variety of work environments. Beyond formal writing, the course stresses importance on self-advocating, and the presentation and reporting of work done. The course’s ultimate goal is to equip participants with the commonalities between these types of communications so they can adapt and respond to situations critically.