Career Development Process

The career development process can help guide you into becoming a confident individual from a confused soul. We generally follow an outline which includes:


The first and foremost step is to know yourself. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? In what ways, or environment, are you more creative? Do you prefer quick results or like to see long term changes? There are certain subjective and objective personality tests that are designed for us (and for you) to know your skills, values, interest, and personality type.


After the self-awareness step, we will explore different career opportunities. We will also consider various other factors such as your current circumstances to make the exploration process realistic.

Action Plan

Once you have decided what career path you will be choosing, we will help you make an action plan for it. This essentially means your next steps. We may connect you with relevant professionals and bring out related internship/externship opportunities to explore.


Grab the opportunities and excel with your passion and hard work.