We realize how influential the role of families is when it comes to decision-making. Habib University’s Office for Career Excellence makes sure that our students’ families are involved as much as possible. We encourage you to be a part of the OCE initiatives and activities.

How can Families help?

Along with students, faculty, and staff, families are also an integral part of Habib University’s community and therefore, we try our best to engage families at HU through various programs and events.

The OCE provides various platforms through a number of programs, events, and services to the families of students to contribute by assisting them with their future careers.

Help us strengthen our Employer Network

Help us strengthen our Employer’s Network by considering our students for externships, internships, and jobs. The OCE offers many programs to assist you in recruiting the most talented for work opportunities with your organization.

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Be a Story Teller – Kahva Khana

Do you have an inspiring career story that if shared, can make a significant difference in one’s life? Share your journey with our students over a cup of chai (tea).

Kahva Khana is the platform where you can speak about your road to success and lifelong learning that you acquired on your way. These sessions serve as an opportunity for individuals to acquaint students to the life journey and career trajectories of people who have made a significant social impact in different walks of life.

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Join us for our Career Confabs

Habib University’s OCE organizes a number of panel discussions for our students to deepen their insights of the variety of career options available globally. Speakers from a wide variety of professions with an in-depth experience of various job markets are invited to share their views on employability skills, careers in demand and market trends.

We invite you to join us in this program and share your predictions for the industry with our students. Please click here to join.

Externships (Job-Shadowing)

An externship is a training program offered by private businesses that provide students a brief practical immersion into their practical life. In other words, it is short term job ‘shadowing.’

So how can you help us?

  • We recommend you to encourage your HU student to enthusiastically avail these opportunities that OCE offers every year.
  • The OCE encourages you to acquire good externs from Habib University, thereby giving organizations well-trained and grounded potential employees who are capable of taking initiative, thinking creatively and working independently.

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