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About Student Leadership and Mentoring Program

SLMP is a Student Life initiative aimed at fostering essential leadership and team
building skills in student leaders to equip them with necessary tools that would
help them face different challenges throughout their tenure and life ahead.

SLMP is comprised of the below facets/ modules/ sessions.

  • Orientation and Introduction
  • Roles, Responsibilities and Event Planning
  • Leadership Training
  • Ongoing Workshops

Orientation and Introduction:

This comprises of and introductory lunch session with the HoDs, One on One Meetings with the University Leaders, meet with the offices, and monthly CRC Forum.

  1. Introductory Lunch with HoDs:
  2. An introductory lunch for the newly elected council with HoDs will be arranged to introducing the new student leaders to the university leadership/ HoDs-opening channel for information flow and collaboration.

  3. One on One Meetings with the University Leaders.
  4. There would be one on one meetings of the HUSG with the University President, Vice President and CFO according to their availability.

  5. Meet with the Offices:
  6. The council would be required to meet with different university departments and officers as well frequently and Student Life will facilitate them with their meetings.

  7. Monthly CRC Forum
  8. Apart from that, there would be a monthly meeting over lunch, namely CRC (Collaboration, Reporting, & Communication) Forum aims at bringing the university leadership and student on one platform to address various concerns in an effective manner.

    Collaboration, Reporting & Communication Forum (CRC) is the platform where students’ voice matters. It gives an opportunity for student leaders to connect with the university leadership; learn from them, and have their say on the key trends and challenges faced by our community/student body.

  9. One-Day Administrative Skills Training Workshop.
  10. One of the objectives of student life is to create opportunities for students who are engaged in leadership roles; to challenge their values, roles and responsibilities building their capacity towards creating more engaged community and greater society.

    To attain this objective Student Life will arrange various capacity building sessions for members of Student Council, Student Senate and the club/organization executives.