Rights & Responsibilities

Habib University is a learning community. To help maintain a clean, safe, and comfortable atmosphere, everyone has certain rights and responsibilities.


As a registered member of the University you can expect:

  • To be served in a respectful, courteous and dignified manner;
  • To be served as quickly as possible whether in person, by phone or by email;
  • To be able to borrow and reserve books provided you do not have outstanding fines;
  • To be able to access your borrower record, and for maintenance of your confidentiality;
  • To be able to access all electronic resources provided by the Library;
  • To find information about our services and resources publicly available;
  • To have your queries and correspondence dealt with promptly, and courteously;
  • Your comments and suggestions about library services to be responded to promptly.


As a patron you are expected:

  • To carry your University identity card with you – do not lend it to anyone else;
  • To complete the loans procedure before removing materials from the Library;
  • To not damage or deface books, furniture or equipment;
  • to return all items you borrow on or before the due date – fines will be charged on late returns;
  • To take care of materials borrowed – you will be fined for damaged, lost or defaced material;
  • To check your University email regularly, and respond to library notices;
  • To comply with copyright regulations and publishers’ license terms when you copy materials;
  • To use the Library for the purpose of learning, research and entrepreneurial endeavors;
  • To respect hours and limits on unauthorized entry where such conditions exist;
  • To abide by library rules, and to avoid belligerent behavior toward library staff members;
  • To neither destroy, tamper with, monopolize, nor unlawfully gain access to, remove, or possess property including Library material, computing facilities, telecommunication systems, fire and emergency equipment on campus, and the personal property of others;
  • To inform library staff if you notice food or drink spills or broken equipment or technology;
  • To clean up and remove food related waste from study areas. Study areas should be left clean;
  • As part of the University, to uphold all University Policies and the Code of Conduct.

While in the Library we ask everyone to treat Library staff and other Library users with courtesy and to respect the privacy of others. Please maintain silence in designated areas for silent study. On entering the library, set mobile phones to silent mode. Please refrain from eating and drinking, except on the ground floor.

We hope you find the Library to be a gateway to information as well as a comfortable place to research. If you have questions about user rights and responsibilities, please contact the library administration.