University Industry Advisory Board

University Interaction

Career Connect 2023

Career Connect 2023, organized by the Office of Career Services, brought together over 100 participating companies, including K-Electric, Engro, and Seed Ventures, amongst the UIAB member companies. The event provided a platform for students to interact and network with top employers, creating opportunities for their future careers.

SEED Ventures MOU Signing for CCP (Career Curation Program)

SEED Ventures, signed an MoU for the Career Curation Program, with the UIAB member Shaista Ayesha present at the event. This partnership aims to provide mentorship and guidance to students, assisting them in exploring and pursuing their desired careers. With SEED Ventures’ expertise in the entrepreneurial landscape, this program will equip students with the necessary tools to succeed in their professional endeavors.

Convocation 2022

Habib University’s convocation 2022 was a momentous occasion, with the presence of distinguished guests, including Jehan Ara, CEO of Katalyst Labs, and Umar Ahsan Khan, CEO of Dawlance, both UIAB members. The event celebrated the achievements of our graduating students and marked a new chapter in their lives as they embark on their professional journeys. The presence of esteemed guests like Jehan Ara and Umar Ahsan Khan provided our graduates with the opportunity to learn from their experiences, gain valuable insights, and build networks in their respective fields. As UIAB members, their presence at our convocation underscored their commitment to supporting our students’ growth and development and the mission of Habib University. We congratulate our graduates and wish them all the best for their future endeavors.

Indus Motor Visit

Indus Motor officials recently visited Habib University as part of ongoing efforts to engage with industry leaders and explore potential collaborations. The visit provided an opportunity for Indus Motor officials to meet with our leadership team, tour our state-of-the-art facilities, and learn about our innovative academic programs and initiatives.

Dawlance Donation Ceremony

Dawlance, a well-known name in the home appliances industry, has recently made a generous donation to Habib University’s philanthropic cause of promoting higher education in Pakistan. Officials from the company visited the university to present a grant, reinforcing their commitment to supporting educational initiatives.

K-Electric Visit

As part of continuous efforts to interact with industry leaders and experts to explore prospective partnerships and collaborations, K-Electric representatives paid a visit to Habib University. K-Electric officials had the chance to meet with the leadership team during the tour and learn about our innovative academic programs and activities while also sharing their knowledge of sustainable energy methods and community involvement.