Writing Tutors are available for 30 minute sessions, on a first-come, first-served basis. Students can make an appointment at:

High-quality academic writing is a cornerstone for success in an undergraduate degree. The ability to construct logical arguments through words is a vital skill that students initially struggle to excel at.

The Writing Center can help.

Students may visit either a Writing Tutor or a Student Assistant for tutoring.

Our Writing Tutors are qualified candidates with experience in both high-quality academic writing and engaging with students. They are trained to examine undergraduate papers with a critical eye and can provide feedback on essay structure, consistency of argument, and writing style, as well as the basics of spelling, grammar, and citation technique.

During an appointment, Writing Tutors will facilitate a productive exchange of ideas, helping you identify strengths, weaknesses, and strategies for revision while you gain confidence in your own writing.

Student Assistants are fellow undergraduates who work in the Writing Center. They enjoy writing and helping other students, and come from a strong academic background. They are trained to assist other students, no matter what the course is. When not peer tutoring, Student Assistants are tasked with researching various topics related to writing and oral communication, growing in their own mastery of these topics and creating materials that are targeted at their fellow students.

Drop-in Hours:

9 AM to 5 PM – Monday through Friday.

Why Writing tutors?

  • Learn how to make essays more professional and of a higher academic quality
  • Gain confidence in high-quality writing in English
  • Develop your individual writing style/voice
  • Analyze and discuss your paper before submitting it to your professor for grading
  • Gain assistance with particular topics or modules you find complex
  • Discuss writing strategies for topics you find interesting and wish to excel at

Students are welcome to visit the Writing Tutors at any stage of the writing process: with an outline, a first draft, a completed paper, or even simply with a new prompt which they want to discuss.