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Course Readiness Program

The Course Readiness Program has been designed to equip students with the tools necessary for the to master their following semester. Offered during Summer and Winter Semester, this carefully procured workshop series help students to acquire requisite knowledge needed to ace the courses chosen in Fall and Spring Semester. Following are the few courses offered:

  • Data Analytics (Winter)
  • Data Structures and Algorithms (Winter)
  • Object Oriented Programming / C++ (Winter)
  • Programming Fundamentals (Winter, Summer)
  • Jehan-e-Urdu (Summer)
  • Research Skills (Summer: Learning Engagement and Advising Program)
  • Math for Social Sciences (Summer Program for Language, Arts, Sciences, and Humanities)
  • Academic Skills (Summer: Learning Engagement and Advising Program)
  • Academic Skills (Summer Program for Language, Arts, Sciences, and Humanities)
  • Linux Operating System (Summer)

Course Revision Sessions

Course Revision Workshop series helps reinforcement of core concepts of select courses, allowing students to recognize gaps in knowledge and hone concepts to further their learning.
(Including but not limited to following Courses)

  • STATA, (For SDP students I Fall and Spring)
  • PYTHON, (For DSSE students I Fall)
  • Verilog, (For DSSE students I Fall and Spring)
  • MATLAB (For DSSE students I Spring)
  • Excel for Scientific Methods (For EE and SDP students I Spring)

Technical Skills

Technical Skills workshop series enable students to succeed in their educational and professional pursuits. The Program ensures that students acquire and refine skills essential to undertake college level academic work successfully, function as thoughtful members of their community, and are prepared for future educational/professional pursuits.

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Canva
  • Github
  • LaTeX
  • Ms Word
  • Ms Excel
  • Ms Powerpoint
  • Behance
  • Data visualization
  • ROS
  • R Language
  • Verilog
  • SQL

Academic Skills

EHSAS Center conducts a series of workshops to share best practices for scheduling, prioritizing, study skills, and time management integral to the success of students at Habib University.