Current partnerships & initiatives

Currently, Habib University is collaborating with Texas A&M University at Qatar and Carnegie Mellon University for reciprocal sharing of institutional knowledge and experience.

Texas A&M at Qatar , which has set a strong example of practical research and creating linkages between academia, businesses, society and industry, is helping Habib University move towards its vision of becoming a hub for cutting-edge research, knowledge generation and application.

Habib University Faculty at Texas A&M University

From August to December 2013, Dr. Waqar Saleem, Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Habib University, visited Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, and taught a course on Game Programming in the Computer Science department, cross-listed with the Visualization Studies department. During the visit, Dr. Saleem was a full member of the Computer Science faculty and participated in the regular departmental activities and initiated work on a research project with a faculty member at Texas A&M.

The visit was part of Habib University’s faculty exchange programs and is one of many other initiatives for international outreach and connecting with the partner institutions.