Manager, Learning Support Services

The incumbent will be responsible to lead one of the most important portfolio of student success i.e., providing learning support to students through Writing Centre and EHSAS Centre (Educational Help, Services and Academic Support Center). Key responsibilities will include designing, implementing and evaluating diverse program to facilitate students to enhance their academic, personal and interpersonal skills essential for success at HU and beyond through workshops, short courses, mentoring, coaching and tutoring.

The Manager will also be responsible for managing all operations of the Writing Center and EHSAS. S/he will be responsible for hiring, training, and supervising writing associates, Ehsas associate undergraduate writing tutors, and peer tutors; supervising EHSAS and Writing Centre Teams; developing EHSAS/ Writing Center policies; overseeing short and long-term planning; conducting outreach to university faculty and the campus at large; promoting EHSAS/Writing Center, and developing and facilitating workshops.

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