International Students

Habib University welcomes all international students and facilitates them in acquiring admissions at Habib University. The information available at this page will help you to start your e-application for Undergraduate admission and complete the admission process

If you need any specific information regarding your admission at Habib University for Fall 2022, please write an email to the

Defining International Students

International students include the following categories.

  • Dual National Pakistani Students Living Abroad: Pakistani students living abroad with dual nationality and the family’s source of income also resides outside Pakistan
  • Pakistani Nationals Living Abroad: Pakistani students with Pakistani nationality only residing outside Pakistan.
  • Foreign Student: A foreign student is an individual of foreign nationality who does not have a Pakistani passport/ CNIC /NICOP.
  • Refugee: A foreign national student living in Pakistan as a refugee.

Admission Schedule for International Students

Habib University has announced admissions for its Fall 2022 session. Classes will start from August 2022 session. Except foreign national, others can apply to any one of the following admission rounds. Foreign Nationals have to apply in Round 1 so that they have sufficient time to apply for their visas, after receiving their admissions offer from Habib University.

Important Steps Dates
For November Test-takers For December Test-takers For January Test-takers For February Test-takers
Announcement of Admissions 10th October, 2020 10th October, 2021 10th October, 2021 10th October, 2021
Submission of Admission Applications 21st November, 2021 20th December, 2021 24th January, 2022 20th February, 2022
Submissions of SAT scores for Entrance Exam Exemption (submit SAT scores through College Board using SAT Score Code 7344) 21st November, 2021 20th December, 2021 24th January, 2022 20th February, 2022
Submission of Scholarship and Financial Aid Applications 21st November, 2021 20th December, 2021 24th January, 2022 20th February, 2022
Habib University Entrance Examinations 23rd & 24th November, 2021 22nd & 23rd December, 2021 26th & 27th January 2022 23rd,24th ,25th February, 2022
Admission Interviews 26th November 2021 onwards 28th December, 2021 onwards 1st February,2022 onwards 1st March, 2022 onwards
Admission Decisions Rolling Admissions from 3rd week of December 2021

Terms and Conditions of Admission

All those students who fulfil the following conditions are eligible to apply for admissions. The university follows the Higher Education Commission criteria to entertain the foreign students.

  • The foreign national applicants must have a valid proof of foreign nationality, self and parent at the time of admissions. Dual national Pakistani students and Pakistani students living abroad must also have valid proofs of their nationalities.
  • The applicants must have good command over English for reading, writing, listening and speaking purposes.
  • The applicant must have completed or will complete Higher Secondary School/ A Levels or any other equivalent certification(s) by August 2021, with a minimum average C grade or 65%.
  • Students must have English and Mathematics as compulsory subjects in their Secondary and Higher Secondary education.
  • If either one of the SSC or HSSC education is received nationally, the student is required to have Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, and Urdu in their secondary examinations.
  • The applicant must meet the following Program Specific Requirements
    • BS Electrical Engineering: Students who have studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at Higher Secondary Level
    • BS Computer Science: Students who have studied three principal subjects with mandatory Mathematics subject at Higher Secondary Level
    • BS Computer Engineering: Students who have studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at Higher Secondary Level.
    • BA (Honours) Communication and Design: There are no program-specific subject requirements for this degree. Students with any subject background can apply.
    • BSc (Honours) Social Development and Policy: There are no program-specific subject requirements for this degree. Students with any subject background can apply.
    • BA (Honors) Comparative Liberal Studies: There are no program-specific subject requirements for this degree. Students with any subject background can apply.
  • Applicants applying for School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences should submit SAT scores which should not be older than 2 years. The minimum total SAT I score required is 1270.Moreover, the scores obtained both in English and Mathematics section should not be lower than 600 with an average essay score no less than 5.
  • Applicants applying for the Dhanani School of Science and Engineering should follow the same condition as mentioned above for students of School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. They will also need to appear for SAT II (Mathematics II) component and should get a score of 600 or above.
  • Applicants who have not taken SAT must take HU Entrance Examination in Karachi

IBCC Requirement

Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) Pakistan grant equivalence to foreign qualifications with corresponding Pakistani Certificates to Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary School Certificate. All international students are responsible to acquire IBCC equivalency certificate as they may need it in case they need to get their Habib University Degree attested by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan or any other designated body for the same purpose. For further details visit

Admission Process for International Students

Habib University’s admissions application process is largely the same for all students regardless of their citizenship or country of residence.  Following are the main steps in the admissions process.

  • Step 1: Complete and submit an application.
    The entire admissions application system is online. All applicants are required to complete all the compulsory sections of the e-applications and submit accordingly. You can access e-application from
  • Step 2: Submit the non-refundable application fee
    The admission’s application fee is $25 for the year 2021-22, which can be paid using a credit/debit card. VISA and MasterCard are accepted. If you or your parents are in Pakistan, you can download your fee voucher and pay it in any branch of Habib Metropolitan Bank. (Details are present in the application fee section of e-application
  • Step 3: Submit SAT Scores or Take HU Entrance Examination
  • Step 4: Appear for Admissions Interview
    Only shortlisted students will be called for a Skype/Zoom interview. Students will be informed about the dates and timings via email.
  • Step 5: Receive the offer letter
    Successful applicants will receive a conditional offer letter notifying them of their selection status. Applicants will also receive an admissions undertaking along with the offer letter. This admission will remain provisional until all the original degrees or certificates are submitted and verified. In case any document proves to be false, fake, or fabricated at a later stage, a provisionally admitted student shall be liable to expulsion from the University at any stage or to any other disciplinary or legal action the University may deem necessary.
  • Step 6: Accepting the Admission Offer
    Accepted applicants must return the duly signed admissions undertaking and pay enrolment fee according to the directions and deadlines stated in the offer letter in order to confirm their admission.
  • Step 7: Apply for the student visa
    Once the applicant is enrolled (by submitting the signed undertaking and paying the enrollment fee), the university will issue the admission confirmation letter, so that the student can apply for student visa.

How to Apply for Visa (For Foreign Nationals Only)

  • Foreign student seeking admission in Pakistani University/Degree Awarding Institution has to apply for admission direct to the concerned university/institution and get the letter of confirmation of admission.
    • University will send a copy of admission letter to Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan
    • HEC to confirm and endorse admission to Ministry of Interior
  • Student approaches the Pakistani mission abroad for the visa and submits the following documents
    • Application Form (Student Visa Form)
    • Photocopy of passport
    • Photograph
    • Educational Documents
    • Admission letter of university
  • The Pakistani mission abroad forwards all the documents to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamabad for further processing
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs forwards all documents to Ministry of Interior for security clearance
    • Copy to Ministry of Education/Health
    • Copy to HEC
  • Ministry of Interior as per policy to complete all process and sends visa advice to Mission concerned:
    • Copy to HEC
    • Copy to Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • HEC send information of visa advice by email to
    • University
    • Ministry of Education/Health
  • Visa to be issued for duration of studies to be renewed annually inclusive of security clearance

Important Links:

Fee, Scholarships and Grants

Habib University believes in creating a diverse community of students with different geographical, socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds so that students can learn to live and respect the diversity present around them.

In order to facilitate the students from outside Pakistan to join HU and contribute in diversifying the student community, HU has kept the fee structure same as it is for prospective students living in Pakistan. We do not charge any additional money from international students. Please click here to find out about the fee for the academic year 2022-23.

Scholarships and Grants

  • Scholarships and grants are available only for Pakistani nationals living abroad. Please visit the scholarship and financial aid section of the admission for further details.

Student Residential Facility

For the details of the residential facility, please click here