Abdullah Umair Bajwa, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor,
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dhanani School of Science & Engineering


  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University, USA
    Dissertation: “Developing Inexpensive Prediction Techniques to Provide Real-Time Estimates of Trapped Residual Fraction for Two-Stroke Engines”
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University, USA
  • BSc in Mechanical Engineering, GIK Institute, Pakistan.

Teaching Experience

  • Adjunct Faculty Member, Dhanani School of Science and Engineering at Habib University, Fall 2020
  • Co-Instructor and Teaching Assistant, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University, Fall 2019 and Spring 2020
  • Senior design project supervisor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University, Spring and Fall 2019

Courses Taught

  • Thermodynamics (Spring 2021)
  • Engineering Workshop (Spring 2021)
  • Computer Aided Engineering
  • Internal Combustion Engines

Research Interests

  • Internal combustion engines – emissions mitigation and efficiency improvement by studying and improving in-cylinder combustion and mixture formation processes; alternative fuels; natural gas engines; two-stroke engines.
  • Future of mobility – developing tools to study the environmental impact of various vehicle powertrain technologies.
  • Thermo-fluid energy conversion systems


Abdullah Umair Bajwa graduated with a BS in mechanical engineering from GIK Institute (Pakistan), after which he worked as a machinery maintenance engineer at Fatima Fertilizer Limited for a year before embarking for an MS in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M University (USA) as a part of the Fulbright fellowship program. There he worked at the Advanced Engine Research Lab and studied energy and exergy utilization in internal combustion engines. After completing his MS, Abdullah received a research grant from the Pipeline Research Council International to continue for a PhD at Texas A&M University. During his PhD, Abdullah studied the gas exchange (breathing) characteristics of natural gas fueled, two-stroke engines and developed computational tools to economically estimate the composition of combusting mixtures in order to control engine emissions in real-time. Abdullah’s graduate work has been presented at multiple international conferences.

Abdullah has joined the electrical and computer engineering program at DSSE to expand its students’ learning envelopes to include elements of mechanical engineering like design, manufacturing, and thermo-fluid analyses. At Habib University, Abdullah, in addition to helping manage the ECE program’s mechanical engineering curriculum, plans to use his research skills to tackle local energy conversion and environmental challenges in the transportation and industrial sectors.

Honors and Awards

  • Graduate Research Award, 2019 (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University)
  • Research Travel Award, 2017, 18, 19 (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University)
  • Fulbright Scholarship for MS, 2014 (US Department of State)
  • Departmental Gold Medal 2013 (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, GIK Institute)

Selected Publications

  • Bajwa, T. Linker, M. A. Patterson, G. Beshouri and T. J. Jacobs, "A Study of Cyclic Combustion Variations at Lean SI Engine Operation Using High-Speed In-Cylinder CO2 Measurements," in THIESEL, Valencia, Spain, 2020.
  • Bajwa, M. Patterson, and T. J. Jacobs. "Using gas dynamic models to improve exhaust system design for large-bore, two-stroke engines." International Journal of Engine Research(2020): 1468087420944029.
  • Bajwa, M. Patterson, T. Linker, T. Jacobs, ‘A New Single-Zone Multi-Stage Scavenging Model for Real-Time Emissions Control in Two-Stroke Engines’, ASME ICEF 2019, Chicago, USA.
  • Linker, M. Patterson, A. Bajwa, T. Jacobs, ‘A Literature Review of NOX, Formation Kinetics and a Prediction Method for Lean-Burn, Two-Stroke Natural Gas Engines’, ASME ICEF 2019, Chicago, USA.
  • Bajwa, A. Mashayekh, M. Patterson, T. Jacobs, ‘Interactions Among 3D, 1D and 0D Models for Natural Gas Two-Stroke Engines, THIESEL 2018, Valencia, Spain.
  • Linker, M. Patterson, A. Bajwa, T. Jacobs, ‘Improving Trapped Equivalence Ratio Control to Maintain Emissions for Changing Gas Compositions’, Gas Machinery Conference 2019, San Antonio, USA.
  • Bajwa, T. Jacobs, ‘First and Second Law Analyses of a Large Bore Two Stroke Spark Ignition Engine Fuelled with Natural Gas, Spring Technical Meeting of the Central States Section of the Combustion Institute, Knoxville 2016.
  • Bajwa, Y. Xu, A. Hashmi, M. Leong, L. Ho and J. Xu, ‘Liquid marbles with in-flows and out-flows: characteristics and performance limits’, Soft Matter, 2012, 8 (46).
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