The peer tutoring program at the Educational Help, Services, and Academic Support Center (EHSAS) is an important service provided by Habib University to assist students in achieving academic excellence. This program was developed grounded in collaborative learning between students who have shown academic excellence and competency, and those who need academic support. With this aim of focusing on individual development within a supportive and collaborative learning space, the objectives of the peer tutoring program are as follow:

  1. To provide learning assistance to students in overcoming their academic challenges in their identified courses.
  2. To promote empathy and a culture of collaborative learning and supporting each other as members of a cohesive community
  3. To provide tutors with an opportunity to refine their interpersonal, communication, and instructional skills.

EHSAS Peer Tutors

The EHSAS Peer Tutors are selected from a pool of high performing undergraduate students with excellent academic qualifications. They are assigned to help other students learn academic concepts, techniques, as well as success strategies for a specific course.

EHSAS Peer Tutors are welcoming, supportive, and enthusiastic about their subjects, with the desire and the ability to engage with students, help them identify their learning gaps, and pass on their skills and understanding. They welcome problems, both big and small, and help students gain confidence in their own capabilities and in developing a deeper understanding of the topic.

Being a Peer Tutor is a popular and well-respected position, one students from all disciplines apply to become part of the EHSAS team. Peer Tutors are carefully selected on the basis of their application forms, interviews, and faculty recommendations, as well as their grades in the specific modules they wish to tutor in.

Click to see Fall 2018 Peer Tutors Link the file of Peer Tutors here

Types of Peer Tutoring Sessions

The following types of peer tutoring sessions take place at EHSAS as per the needs of students

Walk-in Appointments

  • Individual sessions:
    These are one-on-one sessions, where a student can meet with the tutor individually. These sessions can be up to 60 minutes in length and are designed for students who drop-in at EHSAS looking to have a few specific questions addressed by the tutor.
  • Group Sessions:
    These are small group sessions where students will meet with the tutor. These sessions are designed for students who require clarification with specific questions/concepts but do not necessarily require individual attention.

Scheduled Appointments

  • Exam Preparation Review Sessions:
    Prior to midterms and exams, group sessions of up to two hours may be held by tutors to aid students in preparing for their exams. These sessions will need to be booked in advance by contacting the tutors directly. Tutors will inform the Senior Officer regarding the session and a room will be booked for the designated period of time for the group.
  • Weekly Sessions:
    These are scheduled for a group of students for a specified time-frame. These sessions are designed based on the recommendations received form academic advisors for the students who require special attention and consistent help with their course work.

Venue for Peer Tutoring:

  • Most of the peer tutoring takes place in the lower ground floor of the EHSAS Center (unless otherwise specified).
  • The Office of Academic Performance at the Student Centre is another venue for peer tutoring where some sessions may take place.

Drop-in Hours

  • The EHSAS working hours are 09:00 to 05:00 including all working Saturdays.
  • No prior appointment is necessary; however, it works on a first-come, first-served basis. If you find a tutor busy, there is plenty of space to wait and read/study/use a computer.

Each Peer tutor’s timings are posted on the bulletin board in the EHSAS Center and are also published on Facebook.