Computer Science Labs



Labs provide the students an opportunity to put the theory learned in lectures to practice and to test out new ideas. The Computer Science labs are equipped with state of the art computing hardware and access to leading software relevant to the subject areas covered in the curriculum.

General Computing Lab

This lab will serve the general computing needs of Habib University’s entire student body. Students will use it for everyday purposes such as doing online research, printing out documents, checking their course websites and general web browsing, etc. In addition, the lab will host tutorial sessions for introductory level, non-specialized Computer Science courses along with a few specialized courses. The lab will be closed for general use during lab sessions.

Linux and Networking Lab

This lab will serve advanced Computer Science courses, specifically those related to networking, operating systems and hardware. It will be used extensively by courses in the High Performance Computing and Computer Networks curriculum tracks. Among the three Computer Science labs, this lab is the most hands-on – facilitating direct interaction with the lower level and physical systems employed in modern computing.

Graphics and Visualization Lab

This lab is in recognition of the increasingly important role of the visual communication of data, the near ubiquitous use of traditional computer graphics in computing and the rise of the applications of 3D graphics. The lab will house high-end graphics systems and will serve advanced courses on graphics, visualization, operating systems, along with courses in the ‘Game Design and Development’ curriculum track.

Student Projects Lab

This lab is dedicated to projects of the students’ choosing, mainly the capstone projects attempted by students in the final year of their program. The lab will provide specialized hardware and software required by individual projects.