Students’ sense of belonging during their university education is an essential component in enhancing sense of persistence, and success. Here at HU co-curricular activities cover a broad range of sponsored on campus programs and services that are designed to promote leadership and interpersonal skills, civic engagement and professional competence in students while increasing campus involvement

Campus involvement is necessary for every student’s personal growth. Whether it is being part of clubs and societies or getting involved in sports or other activities, the benefit is explicitly seen during their education as well as in life ahead. With more than 22 student clubs/societies and organizations on campus finding a niche in one or even more of them is easy for the students.


The mission of Student Life at Habib University is to foster student learning and development through student led initiatives, experiential learning and civic engagement


To create opportunities for students to clarify and challenge their values, potential, roles, and responsibilities within the University, the greater communities, and the global society.


  1. Engage students in active learning and campus involvement through supporting music, creative performances (plays/poetry etc.) and rhetorical performances.
  2. Prepare them for leadership roles within the University and future work/community settings
  3. Develop rich and diverse learning communities in co-operation with the faculty
  4. Promote values of pluralism, diversity and multi culturalism
  5. Enhance the educational environment by promoting, educating, and facilitating campus-wide understanding of students’ rights responsibilities, and freedoms