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About Physics Lab

The Physics lab at School of Science and Engineering compliments the Physics courses taught as Habib University. The experiments in the Physics lab are designed to provide students practical perspective to the theories and models that they study in the courses in the class. An integral part of the course is to develop critical thinking skills in students as they learn about trouble shooting problems in experiments. The lab experience will allow the students to further develop the ability to determine themselves what techniques and procedures to follow, what questions to ask, what the acquired data means, how reliable it is and what to do when things do not work as expected.

Physics lab at Habib University is continuously evolving. Students, while undertaking the lab course, not only perform the experiments but they also work towards improving these experiments. They are continuously exploiting the data to derive interesting information from the experiments and increase scope and capacity. We often allow students to perform their own independent study on experiments if they have interesting ideas. As a result of these exercises the Physics lab does not become stagnant but rather improves its standard and rigor after every semester. In addition, the work in the Physics lab is not limited to experimental nature and we are also involved with the mathematics faculty on projects in theoretical Physics.

Director, iSciM


Dr. Anzar Khaliq

Dr. Khaliq works in the interesting domain of Nano-sciences and aspires to introduce students at Habib to the fascinating world of nanotechnology and synchrotron sciences. He offers a variety of courses at Habib University such as Renewable Energy, Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Advanced Physics Labs, Spectroscopic Techniques, Surface Sciences, Functional Surfaces and Solid State Physics.

Meet Faculty Members


Shahbaz Ahmed Alvi

Lecturer, Mathematics Dhanani School of Science & Engineering








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