Financial Aid

Habib University’s financial aid program offers generous grants and facilitation to acquire student loans. The Financial Aid Program aims to ensure equal opportunities for all. In addition to applying for scholarships, students may apply for financial aid simultaneously. The number of financial aid awards depends on the need of admitted students. Habib University offers a personalized financial aid plan to each admitted student as per his/her financial needs and the overall circumstances in which s/he lives.


These funds are awarded based on the financial need assessed through the financial aid application at the time of admission. Grants are subject to an annual review of a student’s financial circumstances and do not need to be repaid. A grant is not a loan.

Grants awarded at the time of admission will continue for the four years of a student’s degree program if the following conditions are met:

  • Enrolment as a full-time student, unless the University has approved part-time enrolment
  • Maintaining a minimum CGPA of 2.33 every semester
  • Being on good conduct standing and following the University’s code of conduct
  • The financial situation of the family as assessed at the time of admissions remaining unchanged.

Facilitation for Student Loan

As part of our financial aid program, the University also facilitates the students and their families in acquiring student loans through various institutions including Banks. The loans will be governed by the rules and regulation of the institutions offering the loan. Details are shared with the student and parents while finalizing their fee package at the time of admission.

How To Apply?

Candidates who wish to apply for Financial Aid can get access to the scholarship application by logging into their

Student Employment

Though Student Employment is not the formal part of a student’s financial aid package but it offers an opportunity to students to off-set the cost of attending Habib University by earning some money through our Student Employment Program. Students participating in the program are employed on campus for an agreed time period and are paid an hourly wage for their work. The payment is adjusted against their fee payable.

Student Employment Program provides a valuable learning experience to students. They learn to balance different responsibilities at a time, understand work ethics, enhance their technical skills as per the nature of the job, build interpersonal skills and gain confidence. Student employment opportunities may include working as a peer tutor or a teaching assistant, working in library for a variety of jobs, engaging in marketing activities, assisting student recruitment and admissions teams in various tasks etc.

Student Employment options are offered to students from their second semester if they demonstrate a satisfactory performance in the first semester. In order to continue with the student employment, they need to maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.33 every semester.