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Shahbaz Yasin Malik

President & CEO, Hilton Pharma,
Member, Board of Directors,
Habib University Foundation.

A Blessing for the Society

The astounding benefits which have been provided to the society by Mr. Shahbaz Yasin Malik, we all exceedingly appreciate his efforts in always elevating the standards of education. To know more about the amazing philanthropy of Mr. Shahbaz Yasin Malik, kindly browse through the following links.

Shahbaz Yasin Malik:

Driving Social Change Through Educational Philanthropy

Shahbaz Yasin Malik is most known as the President and CEO of Hilton Pharma . But he is a lot more than that. Mr. Malik also serves on the board of directors of the prestigious Habib University Foundation and has set an unprecedented example of using his wealth towards institutional philanthropy – specifically to transform the higher education sector in Pakistan.

A Longstanding Association

Mr. Shahbaz Yasin Malik has been phenomenal throughout the years in supporting Habib University’s cause of making higher education accessible in Pakistan. To commemorate Mr. Shahbaz Yasin Malik’s unparalleled patronage, we offer a glimpse into his long- standing association with Habib University.

Mr. Shahbaz Yasin Malik advises the Class of 2022 to be open to different perspectives, as ambassadors of a progressive Liberal Arts institution like Habib University.

Mr. Shahbaz Yasin Malik, CEO, Hilton Pharma, one of the most generous supporters of the University, was honored recently at a special event hosted to honor the community of Mohsineen.

Mr. Shahbaz Yasin Malik plays a key role at local networking events, introducing key business leaders to Habib University leadership.

Mr. Shahbaz Yasin Malik has always contributed his time to the cause of Habib University by gracing fundraising events with his presence and is one of the most respected Mohsineen.

“I must say I am so proud of you!” Mr. Shahbaz Yasin Malik has always been supportive of the graduating batches of Habib University.

Habib University leadership remains grateful to Mr. Shahbaz Yasin Malik for his contributions to the University.

In recognition of their contribution Habib University dedicated its amphitheater to Saima & Shahbaz Yasin Malik, CEO Hilton Pharma.

Mr. Shahbaz Yasin Malik, as member of the Board of Directors, continues to contribute to the cause through his wisdom and foresight.

Mr. Shahbaz Yasin Malik along with Ms. Nargis Soorty have been acknowledged for their generosity and as as Habib University’s most prominent supporters.

Mr. Shahbaz Yasin Malik has always lent firm support to Habib University's vision of making quality higher education accessible to all deserving students.

Hilton Pharma President and CEO, Mr. Shahbaz Yasin Malik, is a key member of the Board of Directors and an active participant in the resource development initiatives taken by the University.