Why should I come to EHSAS?

​​EHSAS was created to help Habib University students become better prepared to succeed in their classes. It provides an engaging and supportive atmosphere – a safe space for asking questions and continually learning. If you want to improve in your classes, or wish to advance, discuss, or create personal goals, come see if we have a resource to help you!

Remember to ask if you are unsure: other students have likely asked the same question! This creates a wealth of resources and dedicated volunteers to assist you.

What services are offered at EHSAS?

Peer Tutoring, Writing Tutors, Workshops, Faculty Tutorials, Small Group Readings and Discussions.

Where can I access the EHSAS schedule?

​Our Facebook page is updated regularly with the daily schedule. Alternatively, if you want to plan your week in advance, you can find our Peer Tutoring, Writing Tutor, and Faculty Tutorial times online.

Are there opportunities at EHSAS for a group study with a professor?

Absolutely! We have weekly tutorial hours with some of the professors and can help you by scheduling a group study if you get a couple of other students who are interested.

Why do I need group study?

Studying in a small group helps students feel more at ease and provides a platform for asking questions and bouncing ideas off of each other.

Does EHSAS have workshops?

Yes, check the Facebook page, or the soft board in the EHSAS Center for upcoming workshops! Some require pre-registration, while others are walk-in.

Can I suggest workshops for EHSAS?

Yes! Send us an email at EHSAS.Center@habib.edu.pk with your suggestions — if you have a specific facilitator in mind please also let us know who so we can ask them!

Who can use EHSAS?

Any current Habib University student may use EHSAS free of cost.

How can I help out/volunteer at the EHSAS Center?

You can volunteer by emailing EHSAS.Center@habib.edu.pk — if we have something we’re looking for help with we will let you know.

We also have volunteer Peer Tutor positions open occasionally, and if you’re interested you can either ask us or check the Student Employment Position postings (if there’s a job opening it can usually also be a volunteer, just let us know when you’re applying that it’s to volunteer rather than operate in a paid position).