Audio Visual Services Specialist

The incumbent is responsible to deliver an effective and efficient end-user Audio Visual (AV) day-to-day operations and services for the entire university community in a fast-paced, pressure and high profile educational environment and always ensure optimal performance. Identify and troubleshoot problem areas, vendor’s coordination and provides end-user support. Assist with academic and non-academic programs/meetings/events that require the use of AV infrastructure in online and hyflex mode. Understand the importance, nature, scope, and impact of events and ability to accommodate various last minute and during event needs to ensure the success.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Responsible to setup, operate and maintain AV infrastructutre and services including projectors, video monitors, sound speakers, audio and video mixtutres and related equipments for classes and large multipurpose spaces.
  • Communicate with faculty, staff, stuent, senior management and event managers to identify End-user audio-visual technology needs and requirements.
  • Assist with academic programs/meetings/functions that require the use of AV infrastructure (audio, video conferencing, webcasting, visual display or projection, and control system operations, etc.).
  • Plan AV of events from start to finish according to requirements, target audience, and objectives.
  • Set up, operate and maintain audio-visual equipment, ensuring adherence to identified requirements.
  • Respond to and resolve user support requests during on-campus events.
  • Anticipate and proactively fix any problems or issues with stages, podiums, microphones, power supply, sound quality, feedback, video presentation, and timing.
  • Operate and troubleshoot audio-visual equipment to ensure the success of campus events.
  • Identify audio-visual technology needs across campus-wide spaces, ensure equipment availability, and plan the deployment of new hardware and software.
  • Perform configuration, modification, calibration, repair, and upgrade of audio-visual components and systems to maintain and/or enhance functionality.
  • Manage AV related procurement life cycle including suggesting & recommend appropriate technology solutions were required
  • Report and resolve issues on service desk system
  • Conduct training on the use of audio-visual equipment, and drafts and posts operational instructions on equipment as required.
  • Develop standard operating procedures and processes for the delivery and maintenance of audio-visual technology.
  • Maintain the University’s audio-visual equipment inventory.
  • Research and evaluate for new audio-visual products and technologies that can benefit the University and make recommendations for purchase and facility utilization.
  • Manage and coordinate with AV vendors for installation/troubleshooting/upgrade projects.
  • Troubleshoot AV problems, sometimes last minute or during events
  • May require irregular work hours, including nights and/or weekends.
  • Provide users with one-on-one and just-in-time training on proper operations of AV systems.

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