Habib University Devises Holistic Academic Plan in Response to CAIE’s Decision

In the wake of the decisions made by the Cambridge International Examinations (CAIE), Habib University has developed a flexible academic plan to accommodate students in the midst of educational challenges posed by the global pandemic.

CAIE’s decision provided students with the option to defer their A-level (Advanced Level) exams to the October/November 2021 session. In addition to creating a provision for students – the CAIE has also declared that it will conduct the delayed examinations later this year in the safest way possible.

Through primal efforts, Habib University has devised a holistic academic plan in response to CAIE’s decision in order to provide complete support and convenience to the students and remove any hurdles from their path to academic success amidst the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic. As an agile and student-centric university, Habib University has developed a feasible and student-friendly academic plan comprising of steps taken for students with deferred CAIE examinations to ensure that these students do not suffer academically during their college-to-university transition.

In announcing the plan for CAIE students, Mr. Mohsin Rizvi, the head of the Student Recruitment and the Admission Department at Habib University, explained how the University is extremely concerned about the future of students and places them at the heart of its every institutional decision. He elaborated upon the steps that Habib University has taken, taking into account the convenience of all students, to create a holistic plan that will prevent academic loss and ensure a smooth transition to university regardless of their chosen CAIE 2021 examination session – either May/June 2021 session or Oct/Nov 2021 deferred examination session.

The academic plan created is as follows:

Students with deferred CAIE’s examination in October/November 2021 session

  • Students with deferred CAIE’s examination in Oct/Nov 2021 session will be admitted and required to begin their term in August 2021.
  • Considering that these students will need time to prepare for their exams, the university will tailor for them an agile program with a feasible workload, allowing them to enroll in and begin their first semester along with other students but with fewer credit hours.
  • To make up for the remaining credits of the first semester, these facilitated students will be required to complete unfinished courses from the first semester during the semester of Summer 2022, which will be made available to them without any additional fee.

Students with a Gap-Year or A2 CAIE Examinations in May/June 2021 session

  • Students who had appeared for A level examinations in the May/June 2020 session or the Oct/Nov 2020 session and those students who took a gap year, will be required to begin their term in August 2021 with the full course load and move on to the next semester (Spring 2022) as per the regular academic plan of the university.
  • Students belonging to this category will not be eligible for a special provision and are not required to enroll in the Summer 2022 semester.
  • Students who had appeared for and cleared their CAIE A2 examinations in May/June 2021 session will be enrolled in the university with full course load and will be required to begin a regular academic term from August 2021.

With the carefully designed academic plan, the University aims to achieve its goal of offering an uninterrupted education irrespective of all the hardships and trials emerging from the current uncertain times.


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