Sponsorship opportunities

Habib University supports and promotes student initiatives because it is in line with our all-encompassing philosophy of Yohsin; Thoughtful Self-Cultivation. Our philosophy highlights the importance of an individual’s actions and the impact it has on society, regardless of the nature of work being done. Yohsin is the reason HU is always looking for opportunities to engage with student organizations over their extra-curricular activities and events.

We try to accommodate as many proposals for student activities as possible. If your organization/institute would like Habib University to consider sponsoring your event(s), please send a formal proposal describing the event, the target audience, the number of expected audience and the cost associated with the sponsorship. The proposal can be emailed to the following individuals for review:

Asim Saeed Khan: asim.khan@habib.edu.pk
Mohsin Rizvi: mohsin.rizvi@habib.edu.pk

Please expect to be contacted with a decision within 7 working days.