Tuition and other fees

To make Habib education accessible to all, the University offers unmatched Scholarship and Financial Aid Programs. Visit scholarship and financial aid section of the website for further details.

 Fee for the Academic Year 2021-22 for the Class of 2025

Admission Related Fee
Type of Fee Amount in PKR (Onetime payment)
Admission Application Fee
Enrolment Fee for Round 1 of Admissions
Enrolment Fee for Round 2 of Admissions
Security Deposit (Refundable) 25,000
Regular Semester Fee
For the Dhanani School of Science and Engineering (DSSE) and School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS)
Fee Amount in PKR (Per Semester)
Tuition Fee for DSSE and AHSS 498,750
Laboratory Fee for DSSE 157,500
Studio and Laboratory Fee for AHSS 70,000
Semester Registration Fee for DSSE and AHSS  (Applicable from third semester for the class of 2024) 19,500
Membership Fee for Recreational Facility As per the policy

Payment Schedule

  1. Admission application fee is paid at the time of submitting the admission application.
  2. Enrolment fee is paid at the time of confirming your admission with the University. Round 1 applicants will be required to pay enrolment fee as per round 2 if they will decide to pay it in round 2.
  3. Security Deposit to be paid along-with Enrolment Fee.
  4. Semester Registration fee is paid in the beginning of Fall and Spring Semesters.
  5. Tuition, Studio and Laboratory fee is paid in four yearly instalments as per the given timelines:
    Tuition Fee Payment plan
    Semester Installments Timeline
    FALL SEMESTER 1st installment due 2nd Week of July
    2nd installment due 1st Week of September
    SPRING SEMESTER 3rd installment due 1st Week of January
    4th installment due 1st Week of March


  6. Prepayment Discounts are available for those students who do not avail any scholarship and/or financial aid.
    1. 1 Year – Habib University offers a five percent prepayment discount for those who choose to pay their annual fees up front.
    2. 4 Years – In addition, if you choose to pay tuition in advance for 4 years you will not only receive a prepayment discount of five percent but will also lock in tuition fee at the current rate with no increase for the duration.


  • Fee is subject to tax as per the policy of Government of Pakistan.
  • University also charges subsidized recreational facility fee if students opt to use them.
  • The above mentioned fee is for the year 2020-21. The tuition and laboratory fee may increase up to 5% annually.
  • The hostel fee would increase between the range of 7 to 10% annually.