My Incredible Journey as a Computer Science Student at Habib University

Be Ready to be Challenged Intellectually

Thirteen-year-old me would have never imagined that pursuing Bachelor of Computer Science, in a couple of years, would be the reality, but here I am penning down my thoughts about Computer Science at Habib University and, how it has helped me become a better person. Computer Science makes perfect sense aligning with the interests I have for the future.

Right off the bat, let us get one thing clear, Computer Science is by no means an easy-to-do degree. Choosing Computer Science solely because you think it is an easy degree to choose or if you are not interested in it, can be dangerous. Computer Science at Habib University is as challenging as they come, and Habib University’s curricula ensure one is intellectually challenged no matter what course or major one chooses.

Computer Science at Habib University offers diversity in academics it provides. I have never been one to stick with a particular interest for long, and the variety that this program delivers in the shape of the electives it offers, allows me to choose what I want.

Interdisciplinarity? Studying Computer Science with the blend of Social Development

Along with a Computer Science major, students usually go for a minor; while most choose a minor in mathematics, I find a minor in Social Development and Policy (SDP) exciting and this is where Habib University’s educational approach based on interdisciplinary comes from which few people are aware of. So, in simple terms, being a Computer Science student does not mean that you will be confined to your field, but you will be exposed to the scientific inquiry of other disciplines as well, which I found fascinating!

Habib University remains student-centric, and the student-faculty bond is considered crucial for students’ success.

This interest stems from taking a Computer Science/SDP elective course, Social Network Analysis, which taught us the nitty-gritty of the world of networks. The dense yet exciting theory, accompanied by the importance of analysis, cemented my interest in quantitative research and its related theory.

The diverse faculty at the Computer Science department at Habib University, are the mentors who guide us throughout our semesters. The collaborative and healthy environment these instructors foster is why Computer Science majors are comfortable with their degrees.

Pursuing my Major and Passion, All at Once!

Now comes a part that is dear to me; football, which has always been a big part of my life, one that has taught me lessons beyond count and brought me joy numerous times. One thing I am particularly grateful for is that although Computer Science is challenging to manage, it has still not taken away football from me. And playing football at Habib University is always a joy because this institution lays special emphasis on sports activities and genuinely caters for students’ physical as well as mental well-being.

Habib University continues to be an institution that develops future innovators and leaders as well as ardent sports enthusiasts.

Habib University provides an environment to grow into a better person. Coupled with the fact that I am pursuing a major I love and am interested in and participating in the extracurriculars I want, I could not be happier. My journey as a Computer Science student at Habib University has been incredible! And honestly, there could not be an any better place to pursue your Computer Science degree other than Habib University.

This blog is written by Muhammad Azeem Haider, student of Computer Science, Class of 2024.


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