Habib University’s Social Development and Policy Program – Helping me Achieve my Ambitions

As we grow nearer to our twenties, the sudden realization of reality and our future hits us right in the face. We are no longer the young carefree students back in school, with exams being the only thing we feared. Joining Habib University as a Social Development and Policy student my fears started growing regarding my career path and whether I would be able to compete in the “real” world with this degree and the skills or experience it provides me.

The moment I entered this university, I was greeted with an accepting environment with one of the most qualified teachers from whom I was eager to learn. While studying Bachelor’s of Social Development and Policy, my doubts and fears slowly started vanishing because I was pleasantly surprised with not only the skills, information, and experiences in the Social Science department but also the opportunity to delve deeper into other subjects outside my comfort zone.

Students indulged in group projects. At Habib University, students get the most diversified experience of their academic life as 40 percent of our student body hails from local examination boards.

Transcending Traditional Academic Boundaries

As my interest peaked in coding, I decided to audit a ‘coding class’, which is primarily for a Computer Science degree. It helped me gain valuable knowledge and skills that I can now add to my portfolio. Not only this, but I also learned many designing software through the Communication and Design classes and workshops which strengthened the use and value I can bring to an organization.

Something I will never fail to mention when talking about my holistic experience at Habib University’s school of social sciences and humanities is the fieldwork and analysis that they teach Social Development and Policy students. Despite the difficulties and sleepless nights, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I understand our society and economy much better than I did before, and it helps me become a better citizen of my country.

Habib University’s academic environment motivates students to be ardent readers to become responsible leaders capable of decision making.

Challenging Your Comfort Zone to Accomplish Something New

The dreadful readings at Habib University! I used to hate doing the immense amount of readings that were assigned to us from the first day. It was something that I was not used to, and I thought it was impossible to finish them. However, just after a few weeks, my reading got faster, my writing skills improved, and I had so much information and so many opinions that I would wait for a chance to author essays and do research. I can never thank Habib University enough for polishing my reading and writing skills, even though it is something I hated, it ended up becoming something I loved.

Graduate School Curation Program scholars while having discussion on their respective research projects.

The Institution Which Makes You Realize Your Dreams

I recently attended the Graduate School Curation Program which helped me realize that my dreams can be a reality. I was given the chance through this program to improve my research abilities under the guidance of our esteemed faculty. Because of the community-building activities I took part in throughout this program, I was also able to forge lifelong friendships. I now believe that I will succeed in life after graduation because of the ongoing intellectual assistance that Habib University offers. Habib University’s academically rich environment motivated me to become an even better student and explore various skills. This university gives me the opportunity and flexibility to figure out what I want to do even if it is something outside the degree I am studying, which is something I do not see in other universities.

All in all, being here has been one of the best decisions I have made, and you should also look forward to what is in store for you by applying for Habib University Admissions 2024 in Karachi.

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