Distinguished Features of Electrical Engineering Major at Habib University

Being an Electrical Engineering student at Habib University, one of Pakistan’s top institutions for Liberal Arts and Sciences, is quite a ride! I meet people from diverse backgrounds which is a great learning experience. This diverse student body at Habib University is one of its best qualities.

Academic Offerings

Electrical Engineering program at Habib University does not only offer me to study my core breadth courses, a variety of electives but also the Liberal Core Courses Habib University is known for. These courses equip me with critical thinking skills needed to excel in this fast-paced world. We, the Electrical Engineering students, are lucky to be taught by highly-qualified faculty. The Professors in this institution are experts in their fields, with experience in professional and academic domains. They are always willing to assist students during office hours and even after classes have ended.

Electrical Engineering students all driven onto the path of innovation.

Be Ready to Transform into a Well-Rounded Individual

Many engineering universities such as NED, solely train students for the professional domain and their courses are focused on the engineering core. But here, at Habib University, the academic experience that we get, transforms us into well rounded individuals who possess best communication skills and can challenge pre conceived narratives. Furthermore, you can add to your major program by taking a minor to broaden your areas of interest. The ability to engage in intellectual and scientific inquiry is one of the many skills minors aid in developing.

At Habib University, students also get the opportunity to engage in community building activities.

Get the Best Global Exposure

You might have thought this was all there was to say, but we have not even touched on the Learn and Research Abroad programs! Every year, many of our engineering students participate in Exchange Semester through our partnerships with prestigious universities around the world, including Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, Stanford, University of Michigan, etc. These opportunities provide life-changing experiences to the Habib University’s students. And this surely is an opportunity that no one wants to miss.

Acquire 21st Century Research Skills and Professional Growth

Habib University is an institution which prepares you for the post-graduation life, right from the very first day of your undergraduate study. Exceptional initiatives such as Graduate School Curation Program (GSCP) at Habib University prepare students for graduate school and offer them the chance to engage in undergraduate research. Many of our students majoring in Electrical Engineering have contributed to research papers supervised by their professors and have successfully published them as well. The Career Curation Program (CCP) assists students in becoming exceptionally well-rounded individuals by educating and assisting them in learning skills essential for their lives outside of school. CCP also partners with the industries and takes students on a variety of industrial field trips to give them exposure and give them the chance to work together on projects.

Students during Summer Tehqiq Research Program at Habib University.

This academically rich environment at Habib University as an Electrical Engineering student can shape you into a well-rounded individual with not only in-depth knowledge about your degree, but a responsible citizen of this society. And I know, everyone would love to become part of such an institution which develops leaders out of individuals. So, apply now for the Admissions Fall 2023 https://eapplication.habib.edu.pk/. For details and information about Habib University’s admissions, fully funded scholarships (HU TOPS), financial aid, eligibility criteria, please visit: Habib University Admissions Website.

This blog is written by Afsah Hyder, student of Electrical Engineering, Class of 2025.


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