Charting a Path to Success: Habib University’s Career Curation Program (CCP)

One of Habib University’s key objectives is to ensure success for all its students during the course of their four-year journey at the University and after graduation as well. To this end, Habib University has been at the forefront of providing its students with an industry-inclusive curriculum to address the challenges of evolving workplace, technological advancement, and rapidly changing job nature. Additionally, the University has started the Career Curation Program (CCP), a first-of-its-kind program, which has been designed in collaboration with Industry and is geared towards bright young minds looking to craft a thoughtful career journey. Every student who joins Habib University (HU) is automatically enrolled as soon as they join the university. As a result, students are able to understand the industry dynamics and master relevant skills as part of their educational endeavors that ensure student success after graduation.

Career Curation Program (CCP)

Under this program, all students start working on the skills, experiences and attitude needed for career readiness right from the start, i.e., their very first semester at HU. In the mandatory wing of the program, CCP Core, they attend multiple workshops and engagement sessions where they learn about the best practices and norms in the industry, so they can develop fundamental technical and soft skills needed for job readiness.

Habib’s students during their industry visit at Designist.

This program also has a more competitive exclusive wing, CCP Industry, whereby selected students get the opportunity to engage more closely with the industry leadership through a more structured three-year journey in which they go through three phases which ensure:

  • Building fundamental skills through industry engagement activities such as workshops, seminars, industry visits, and training in a simulated environment.
  • Developing technical and soft skills through industry mentorship.
  • Implementing a multidisciplinary approach while working directly with employers on industry projects.

The Program not only gives students the opportunity to gain industry knowledge, it also allows them to utilize skills such as research, design-thinking, problem-solving, and innovation learned during their time at Habib.

Habib’s students during their industry visit at Qist Bazaar.

The results are already being appreciated by students. From the BS Computer Science program, Syeda Areesha Najam and Shalin Amir Ali, Class of 2023, who worked on an industry project with HBL agree, “We used the skills learned in the courses undertaken at Habib University and developed a desktop application. It connected the database to an interactive interface enabling the organization to generate meaningful insights within seconds which was previously done manually and consumed time.”

Areesha and Shalin are not the only ones who are full of praise for the Program and how Habib is preparing them for professional life. According to Muhammad Ali Siddiqui, an Electrical Engineering major, Class of 2024, “The Career Curation Program enabled me to work on the projects that were mapped to me according to my skill set. The training we went through at Habib University helped me adjust to a professional working environment. The aspects of innovation and creativity we learned at Habib really enabled me to excel at work.”

Habib’s students during their Summer Industry Projects at HBL.

For Syed Isaad Hasan Jafri, a Social Development & Policy major, Class of 2023, CCP is allowing students to explore different options, beyond their major. “Habib University’s Career Curation Program helped me gain the confidence that I can … think about graphic designing, video animation, and even marketing.” He further added, “Through [the]Career Curation Program, I realized that a student from Social Development and Policy major can pursue these fields too.”

Habib’s students during their internship at Qist Bazaar.

As a further step, the Program cultivates strong partnerships with industry leaders to create a meaningful industry-integrated experience for students. Commenting on his experience of working with Habib students, Farhan Ahmed, Head of Corporate Affairs, HBL, was all praise saying, “The persistence, the kind of professional attitude that the students have was quite commendable. Any organization would really find these students to be a valuable addition to their human resource assets.”

This Summer, our CCP participants engaged extensively with our pioneer CCP partner, HBL, through the Summer Career Academy and Summer Industry Projects. Ongoing collaborations with IAL Saatchi and Saatchi, Designist and Qist Bazaar also proved quite meaningful in terms of learning and exposure.

With the expected launch of the next CCP cycle in December 2022, organizations from across Pakistan have the opportunity to partner with Habib University, setting an unprecedented example of industry-academia partnership redefining the higher education landscape.

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