Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!

Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it – this never sounded so true until I secured admission at Habib University with a full tuition and laboratory fee waiver under the Talent Outreach Promotion and Support Program (HU TOPS).

Upon finishing my high school not so long ago, the only question that had dominated my mind revolved around the right choice of University for my academic pursuit. It was at that time when I chose not to drown myself in the deluge of admission brochures and pamphlets and went on applying for HU TOPS at Habib University.

HU TOPS is a fully-funded 100% scholarship program for the Intermediate students, who at times, are deprived of receiving higher education owing to their financial circumstances. Acknowledging the talents and the potential of such students hailing from the local boards, Habib University offers this exclusive program in order to facilitate them with their studies and help them acquire an exciting and intellectually challenging experience.

After applying for admission through HU TOPS, the first challenge I had to face was to prove myself worthy of the HU TOPS scholarship by taking the Qualifying Round Test. As luck would have it, I cleared the test and was selected as an HU TOPS Scholar. The next challenge was to appear for the actual admission test for which I had been enrolled in a month’s long, free of cost preparatory program. Under the guidance and influence of competent teachers at the University, I was able to ace the admission test as well as the interview that followed, eventually landing up at Habib University as an HU Trailblazer majoring in Electrical Engineering.

Since then, my experience at HU has been simply awe-inspiring. The thing that I love most about the University is its diverse atmosphere, which has positively transformed me as a student and as an individual. The constant willingness of the faculty to help the students has redefined the whole process of learning for me. Acquiring education through the HU TOPS program has not only eased the financial pressures on my family, but it has also allowed me to attain quality education with affordability. It is a privilege to be a part of the first cohort of HU TOPS, and I realize that my decision of joining Habib was the right one.

If you ask me, I would highly recommend each and every capable student studying under local boards to benefit from the HU TOPS program as such opportunities only knock once in a blue moon!

This blog was written by Osama Yousuf, student at HU’s Dhanani School of Science and Engineering, majoring in Electrical Engineering, Class of 2020.


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