NSO 2022 Student Perspective: Beyond The Horizon, is a New Rainbow

Maria Adnan reflects on her NSO 2022 (New Student Orientation) at the outset of her undergrad journey at Habib.

Quivering with fear,
Heart full of despair,
I find a tiny flicker of light, which gives me new hope,
And I start over; a new beginning.

I despise the ‘firsts’ of everything

Getting admission into Habib University to pursue a BS Computer Science degree was a dream. Thinking of all the things you’d do in the next 4 years – at the best university in Pakistan — making the best memories, friends, and future; the feeling is indescribable. But all the enthusiasm dies down like a deflated balloon when the first day is around the corner, and you’re anxious with the thought of confronting the unseen.

I, being a highly introverted individual, had emotionally prepared myself for a rough ride through the transition phase; I despise the ‘firsts’ of everything. Little did I know it was going to be the smoothest one of my life.

Class of 2026 engaged in a morning energizer at the renowned Saima and Shahbaz Malik amphitheater.

Everything seemed so… different

As soon as I stepped on the Habib University campus for the first day of NSO 2022 (New Student Orientation), I instantly contemplated my decision. Everything seemed so… different; every single person looked, acted, spoke, behaved, even felt different. However, there was still a feeling of warmth in the air; the kind of warmth one feels in their home. And as the week unfolded, I began to realize why I had such a positive gut instinct about the place and its community.

A group of students performing an activity for ice breaking session in their Orientation Rooms.

From introducing ourselves to our wonderful Orientation Leaders and O-group members, having fun sessions with them, getting into more serious conversations about diversity, safe space, and easing every situation a transitioning student dreads, to engaging in deep talks within our O-groups, confessing our naked truths, and self-reflecting on the journey we were about to embark upon. Along the way we were awed by the wisdom of our future faculty during panel discussions and over lunch. In the end, we left behind numerous things, picked up new ones, and strongly held on to those we’d need along the way.

Students from the Class of 2026 were really excited to stop for a quick snap in the Garden area while exploring the campus.

The true magic of sunset…

Ah, those jamming sessions in the garden on the last evening of NSO 2022! Such a therapeutic experience it was: sun going down the horizon, the sky changing its colors from red to orange to purple and indigo, cool evening breeze carrying the sounds of life — and music; it seemed like Habib University campus was reflecting the true magic of sunset, magic so strong that if I ever try to put it into words, it might shatter them.

Everything was so perfectly embedded in the moment: the HU community welcoming us with open arms, my friends and I vibing with seniors, bidding final farewells to the most memorable of times, and ending the night wondering about what was yet to come.

I am positive that Habib has so much more to offer, all in terms of wisdom, skills, and extracurricular events.

This blog is written by Maria Adnan, Computer Science, Class of 2026, Dhanani School of Science and Engineering.


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