NSO 2022 Student Experience: A New Beginning at Habib University

The NSO 2022 (New Student Orientation) at the Habib University campus kickstarted with a super-duper fun energizer with our orientation leaders at the renowned Saima and Shahbaz Malik amphitheater. For me, the day’s highlight was the panel discussion by Dr. Anzar with Dr. Nauman Naqvi and Dr. Shah Jamal Alam, where they discussed the insanity of this new post-modern world and how important it is for us to engage in serious conversations to create discourse.

A panel discussion moderated by Dr. Anzar, with Dr. Nauman Naqvi, and Dr. Shah Jamal Alam that discussed the uniqueness of Habib’s Intellectual Experience through Habib Liberal Core.

This was followed by some entertaining and joyful sessions by our OLs (Orientation Leaders) where we met each other, made some new friends, and got to know our orientation (O) group members. We also got to meet and interact with our major’s faculty. It was reassuring to know that I chose to go for a bachelors in Communication & Design because its faculty is the best of the best. We ended the day by playing the wolf game with our O group members; trust me; I enjoyed that game more than anything.

Syed Ahad Ali, Computer Science ’25, one of the Orientation Leaders, moderating a round of the wolf game during their group session.

The second day started with an informative and a little dry session about minors and Habib University’s two schools, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences and Dhanani School of Science and Engineering. But then we got to ask our school’s faculty some questions. Students asked some intriguing questions, and the faculty shared their hilarious tales about their undergraduates. My favorite was Dr. Aaron’s goat story; it was amusing and bizarre. Next, we had lunch with our faculty, where we got FREE lunch and had the chance to have lunch with our esteemed and amiable faculty members. I met the humorous Zain Saeed, our CnD program director, and had a fun conversation.

Zain Saeed, Assistant Professor and Program Director, Communication & Design, conducting ‘Know your major and faculty’ for the Class of 2026.

Also, I got to meet performing narratives instructor Muneera Batool who was kind enough to resolve my queries regarding theater and acting as a career. Moreover, we had some sessions with different offices at Habib, which were not as fun but extremely crucial to our ability to navigate through 4 years of undergrad.

Oh, the most fun day, the 3rd day, and the day’s highlight was the scavenger hunt. We ran through the campus while catching our breaths, trying to figure out different clues and crack various ciphers. Unfortunately, we could not win but enjoyed it to the fullest.

Unluckily, the fourth day was overshadowed by rain. However, on the 5th day, we learned about safe spaces at Habib, showcased to us through some fun and informative skits and speeches by our OLs. The closing ceremony ended with a flag presentation of each group which we created with sheer dedication (not so much) throughout the week.

Orientation Leaders performing skits to explain diversity and creating safe spaces to the New Students from the Class of 2026.

I hope that when I leave Habib University at my graduation, I will have some beautiful memories and experiences to carry forward in my life. I hope that I am a better and kinder version of myself. Here is to the next four and probably one of the most significant years of our lives.

This blog is written by Syed Muhammad Yousuf, Communication and Design, Class of 2026, School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS).


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