Learning about Energy Conservation while Interning at K-Electric

The summer internship at the Energy Conservation Department (ECD) of K-Electric, although not directly linked to my major, Computer Science, at Habib University, was an exceptional learning experience and will help me pursue technical courses during further studies.

One of the main tasks my HU colleagues and I were responsible for was to audit energy for the commercial sector and help improve the power factor for some industries. Power factor refers to the ratio of useful power to power losses; if this ratio falls under 0.9, companies face severe loss.

The practice of energy audits also brought us into direct contact with various industries, such as garment, food, and plastic items. It taught us how they are billed and penalized, as well as the reasons which lead to distortion of their power factor. We also had the opportunity to visit places like the Chief Minister’s House (and a few other group members of the Sindh Assembly) to audit energy, and understood how it functions and studied their energy load.

Other duties performed during the internship included basic office work like data entry for spreadsheets and creating reports and presentations. We made use of our skills learnt at university as proficiently as possible, while also honing what we did not know.

This blog was written by Noor ullah Farid, student at HU’s SSE (School of Science and Engineering), majoring in CS (Computer Science), Class of 2019. He spent his summer interning at K-Electric in the Energy Conversation Department (ECD), along with other HU Lions.

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