Habib University holds 10th Annual Board of Governors Meeting

Habib University held its 10th Board of Governors meeting on July 28 and 29, chaired by the Chancellor, Rafiq M. Habib. The meeting focused on presentations to committees responsible for academics, financial oversight, and human resources of the institution. The board discussed the admission of students to the Class of 2020, which will bring the total number of admitted students to 500 young, enterprising individuals. The board appreciated the team’s effort in recruiting world-class faculty, bringing the total to 58 internationally educated and experienced academics at Habib University.

The conversations also focused on a reflection of the institution’s two-year performance and discussions on the future academic direction, where long-term plans for expansion of minors was presented. Dr. Ron Robin, Senior Vice Provost at New York University and a member of Habib University’s board, remarked that in his years of experience of making new institutions, Habib University is an extraordinary example that is on course to becoming a leading liberal arts university that can be counted in the major league of globally known higher education institutions.

inside-1-bogThe board also commended the global collaborations that the institution has formed over the last one year. Members specifically appreciated the relationship with Stanford University, through which eight Habib University students are enrolled in a summer semester at Stanford University since June 2016.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Ali Habib, Chairman Indus Motor Company; Mr. Mohamedali Rafiq Habib, Executive Director Habib Metropolitan Bank; Dr. Mark Weichold, Regents Professor and Executive Director for Halliburton Global Engineering Program; Dr. Gowher Rizvi, Vice Provost International Programs at University of Virginia; Dr. Ron Robin, Senior Vice Provost at New York University; Dr. Arvid Nelson, Trustee at Smith Richardson Foundation; Lt. General (Retd). Tariq Wasim Ghazi, Former Defence Secretary; Dr. A. Q. Mughal, nominee of Higher Education Commission; Justice Haziq-ul-Khairi (Retd.), nominee of Sindh High Court; Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah, Acting Secretary Education and nominee of the Provincial Ministry of Education.


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