Communication and Design Program at Habib University – A Unique Combination of Skill-based Practical Training

High Quality Student Experience

Choosing a career path in media can be daunting, as family and friends may question your decision. But if your passion for the field burns brightly, rest assured that choosing a media-related degree will be one of the best decisions you ever make. This is particularly true if you choose a program like the Bachelor of Communication and Design at Habib University, where the curriculum is designed to be student-centered and engaging, making the journey of discovering your passion for media an enjoyable and fulfilling one, just like it was for me.

Even though 99% of me wants to go for the design side of the program, the remaining 1% would love to experience the acting workshops, screenwriting, theaters, radio shows, movie productions, clubs and cabinets dedicated to the communication side. Well, here is the plot twist when I tell you that this is possible here at thebest liberal arts university in Karachi, a place that enables me to enjoy both aspects of my degree, leaving 100% of me satisfied with no regrets!

Different Programs, Single Degree

This all sounds too good to be true even for a design student but a reality for all my media enthusiasts out there. You might be wondering why I am referring to design and communication as different programs despite it being a single degree; it is because in the last two years, Habib University restructured the program and split it into two, making one of them a priority over the other according to what you want to focus more on. That does not mean you do not get to study the other, but you have one as a primary concentration and the other as a secondary concentration.

Gaining Hands-on Experience

Not only is this about the studies but also about gaining hands-on experience with all the cameras, lighting, scripting, stage sets, art direction, green rooms, creative direction, casts and even directing or producing short films, music videos, documentaries, etc. I might also start running a radio show with my friend group alongside or work in Habib’s Communication and Design Productions (CND Productions) as one of the above-mentioned roles.

Lastly, you do not need any prior experience for this, I had none. Trust me I am someone who switched my whole plan after getting to know about this degree during Covid-19 and had no experience but now I am in my sophomore year knowing more than I expected to know and even working internships alongside. Special thanks to all the highly qualified and friendly faculty present to help, guide, and teach me, which makes the journey so much more worthwhile, and my time at the best university in Pakistan like I said, is 100% worth it!

Do not miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to kick-start your career in media, apply now for the admissions fall 2023. For more information regarding Communication Design in Pakistan, visit,

The blog is written by Emaan Rafi, Communication and Design, Class of 2025.


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