Channeling Enthusiasm towards Excellence with HU TOPS

My brain is home to a whirlpool of thoughts and ideas longing to be explored and translated into something meaningful. Being an individual having diversified interests and passionate about various disciplines in life, I had always wanted to opt for an educational program that would quench my thirst for knowledge and wisdom spanning across a broad spectrum of academics.

This unflinching quest for knowledge and search for answers led me to Habib University, where I was introduced to a curriculum full of courses equipped with boundless depth and breadth. Adding cherry to the top, I further discovered about scholarships being offered to the students through Habib University’s Talent Outreach, Promotion and Support Program (HU TOPS), which enabled me to acquire world-class education with financial ease.

HU TOPS is a fully-funded program which provides a one-of-its-kind opportunity to the high achievers hailing from the Board of Intermediate Education, Aga Khan University Examination Board and Federal Board to pursue a four-year degree program at Habib University. It covers the entire financial aspect of a student’s education including application fee, summer preparation program fee, tuition fee, semester registration and laboratory fee.

Owing to the HU TOPS scholarship, I have been able to study the subjects I had always been passionate about. It feels great to be surrounded and mentored by a cohort of distinguished scholars at the University who are not only enthusiastic about teaching but they also create an effective and comfortable learning environment for their students.

The world-class faculty available at Habib University has enabled me to explore the wide range of opportunities that would further facilitate my career pursuit in Law. Moreover, the philosophy of HU i.e. Yohsin has been a true inspiration, encouraging me to be one of the best not only in the education sphere but also on an individual level.

The application procedure of HU TOPS is highly competitive as well as engages students to learn about themselves and enhance their knowledge and skills. It starts with registration through an on-line form available at, followed by a core skills test. The qualified students then apply for admissions without paying the application fee. The HU TOPS applicants are then invited to participate in a summer preparation course to prepare for the HU Admission Test for which they are not charged. In the month of July, the students take the Admission Test and the top 50 successful candidates are then offered admission at the University on a fully funded scholarship.

In addition to the scholarships being offered at HU, one of the finest things about the University is the versatility of its core curriculum. Although I am majoring in Social Development & Policy (SDP), but due to HU’s Liberal Core Program, I am also availing the opportunity of studying multi-dimensional courses such as Energy, Rhetoric and Communication etc.

Besides the courses, one can also find many active Student Organizations & Clubs at HU that add to your truly enriching experience. For instance, my participation in the SerVe Club provided me the opportunity to conduct a weekly career awareness workshop for students at an underprivileged school. Similarly, through the Habib University Public Speaking Club (HUPSC), I attended MUNIK VIII at IBA which proved to be a healthy learning experience for me. The academic excursions in my Cultural Anthropology class introduced me to a unique learning exposure, which can only be experienced at HU.

To sum it up, let’s just say that Habib University is like a second home for me. The scholarship has made it possible for me to study at one of the most remarkable universities of Pakistan. Being offered admission at HU through the HU TOPS program is a privilege and I am glad that I made the right decision to join it.

This blog was written by Novaira Khan, student at HU’s School of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS), majoring in Social Development & Policy (SDP), Class of 2020.


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