Why should I play sports?

Playing sports is not only a recreational and fun activity but it helps people achieve their fitness goals related to muscle strength, weight loss, cardio vascular strength etc. Playing sports also improves mental health, helping to prevent depression and increase self-esteem and body image because our body releases feel-good endorphins while exercising.

Through sports, students acquire several skills such as leadership, teamwork, focus, confidence, patience, and self-control. Critical thinking and problem solving are two key skills which students develop on sports courts. All these skills are critical for academic success as well as success sin future careers.

HU Sports Coaching

HU has official teams for the following sports and provide coaching services to the teams through qualified coaches. You can become the part of these teams too.

  1. Throw ball Team – Girls
  2. Cricket Team – Boys
  3. Football Team – Boys
  4. Basketball Team – Girls and Boys/li>
  5. Volley Ball Team – Girls and Boys
  6. Table Tennis – Girls and Boys
  7. Tennis – Girls and Boys
  8. Swimming – Girls and Boys
Participation in Sports Events

HU teams participate in various inter university sports competitions as well as play friendly matches. These events provide opportunities to students for refining their skills and gai confidence.

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