Houston Community Committed to Supporting Habib University

Habib University held its Second Annual Fundraising Gala titled “Creating Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow”, at the Marriott Marquis, Houston on November 20, 2021, to re-galvanize the support of the Pakistani diaspora in Houston for Habib University at a time when higher education is still reeling from the effects of the pandemic.

The First Annual Gala was held in Houston, Texas in March 2019. Due to worldwide restrictions in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Gala could not take place in 2020.

The event exhibited the resolve and conviction of Pakistani diaspora for the cause and demonstrated their confidence in the potential of the nation and its youth.

In his keynote address, legendary humorist and satirist, Anwar Maqsood, spoke about the wonders of obtaining a high quality education in the comforts of your own country. “I have always believed that if we are to see our nation prosper, we have to ensure that our youth are provided the opportunity to attain the world class education like that provided by Habib University.”

Mr. Wasif A. Rizvi, during his presentation, explained the impact of Habib University and its mission of providing talented students access to attaining a world-class education. He thanked the Houston community for their generous support to higher education. “Habib University is a historic higher education institution outside the United States that is making world-class liberal arts education accessible for all through the unmatched, generous support of its Mohsineen.

He went on to emphasize the importance of building committed communities of supporters, “We, at Habib, are bringing the communities together to create opportunities for the promising youth of Pakistan and cultivate thoughtful leaders for a better tomorrow, one step at a time”.

Alluding to the historic crossroads that Pakistan was at, Mr. Usman Dhanani, Vice President, The Dhanani Group, who was the host of the evening, said that higher education in a country like Pakistan could create history.

Mr. Shoukat Dhanani, CEO, The Dhanani Group and Member, Board of Governors, Habib University acknowledged the importance of being close to your homeland and advocating for a cause that could shape higher education in Pakistan.

As the guests at the gala turned out in overwhelming numbers, it was delightful to see Habib University’s mission achieving monumental support. Dr. Asim Shah remarked, “We are really overwhelmed by the support given by the Houston community, and we will work towards supporting higher education because that is the only way we can change society and the future of Pakistan.”

The Annual Gala is a prominent fundraiser that brings supporters of Habib University together and their faith in the institution. The event marked more opportunities to come towards creating a fulfilling future for the youth of Pakistan.


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