Tasawwur is Habib’s subsection journal for photojournalism, executed under Tezhib. It aims to provide a platform to all photographers by giving them a chance to showcase their innovative works falling under the genre of photojournalism. This will also help the students who are pursuing photography as a hobby or a career, develop all the skills required to explore their hidden traits.

As the world relies on photojournalism to visually communicate to us what’s happening around the world, Tasawwur is committed to making this objective come true and create an impact around Pakistan by promoting the ever-evolving art and talents of photography.

Stay tuned for the first volume of Tasawwur, coming out soon!


Tasawwur draws its meaning from an Arabic word which means imagination and formation of ideas. This word is also found in some selected verses of the Quran that relate to conceptual elements of the world.

The logo of Tasawwur was carefully and thoughtfully designed. The camera outline in the logo shows how photography is an enabler of visions representing all kinds of realities and in all kinds of manners. Tezhib, ‘تزہیب’, literally meaning ‘illumination’ as in, ornamenting a surface with gold, is a practice that makes use of Islamic art and calligraphy. This has been incorporated into Tasawwur’s vision with the patterned body of the camera and the crescent moon replacing the traditional camera lens.

Tasawwur’s vision aims towards leading students to understand the importance of vision and imagination as a tool in photography, encouraging a powerful observation that helps you get better at noticing things that are worth capturing.