Submission Criteria

Tezhib Blogs: Submission Criteria

  1. Submissions are open to all Habib University students and Alumni.
  2. Academic pieces from any field of the social as well as engineering sciences that have an interdisciplinary approach or aspect are accepted.
  3. Work more relevant to current affairs and the world dynamics at large are encouraged. Literary analyses are also welcome.
  4. Only work that is previously unpublished is accepted. If your submitted work is being considered for publication elsewhere, please inform us.
  5. Do keep in mind Tezhib blogs are an attempt at making academic work more accessible so use of complex theory and jargon unless clearly explained is not advised.
  6. Works submitted should demonstrate critical and evidence-based engagement with its subject. Citations are necessary where required in-text, along with the references section. No particular citation style is preferred but consistency is required.
  7. You can choose to submit work you have produced outside of coursework but do mention so.
  8. The word limit is 1000 – 1500 words, this is exclusive of the references section. If you have interesting work that is longer than the specified limit, we will be happy to read your piece when submissions for the Tezhib Journal open.
  9. Submit your work as a word document file.
  10. Formatting Guidelines:
    • Submission should be standard font size 12, in Times New Roman and doublespaced. The document pages should be numbered.
    • The title of your work should be in bold at the top and center aligned.
    • Include your name, the course title and course instructor’s name in the header of your document or state that ‘not produced as part of coursework’ at the start of your writing.
  11. The submission must be sent in the form of an email attachment to, with the subject line ‘Tezhib Blog Submission’. Please name the submission file as follows: LastName_FirstName.doc.
  12. There is no deadline for submitting to Tezhib Blogs. We accept submissions on a rolling basis.


Once you have submitted your paper, you can expect a confirmation email within two weeks. If
not, please write back to us.The editor may return the manuscript for revisions, and publication
is subject to whether the author is willing to revise their work.