Author Guidelines

Submission for Tezhib Volume III are closed now. All the manuscripts are submitted through email at Stay tuned for Volume 3.

Author Guidelines

Tezhib only accepts previously unpublished work. If your submitted work is being considered for publication elsewhere, please inform us.

  • Works submitted should demonstrate critical and evidence-based engagement with its subject.
  • Papers produced outside of coursework may be considered in exceptional cases. Please note that submissions not produced as part of coursework still have to be works of undergraduate university students.
  • Tezhib aims to make academic work more accessible. Therefore, it is advised that complex theory, jargon and specialized terminology is used minimally and clearly explained within the body of the work.
  • Citations are necessary where required in-text, along with the references section. APA citation style, 7th Edition is preferred.
  • The word limit (exclusive of the references section) for each category is as follows:
  • Primary research papers: 5000 – 7500 words.
  • Secondary research papers (term papers): 1500 – 4000 words
  • Primary research work has to be accompanied with a faculty sponsorship form that is also to be attached within the email (Please refer to the Ethics Code section).

Formatting Guidelines

  • Submission should be standard font size 12, in Times New Roman and double-spaced. The document pages should be numbered.
  • Title of your work should be in bold at the top and center aligned.
  • All English writings should use American English.
  • Submit your work as a word document file. The word document should not include any identifiable details such as name, grades etc.

All Submissions must be sent in the form of an email attachment to, with the subject line ‘Tezhib Journal Submission: Category Name’. Please name the submission file as follows: LastName_FirstName.doc. Include the following details within the email:

  • Name
  • University
  • Year of Graduation
  • Major/Degree
  • Submission category name [original research, secondary research, literary analysis, other]
  • Name of the course the paper was written for
  • Course Instructor’s Name
  • Grade received on the paper

If your submission was not produced as part of coursework, please specify this and in addition to all aforementioned details excluding course details, give the following as well:

  • Nature of your work
  • Motivation/purpose behind it
  • If and under whose supervision it was produced
  • Time period [in dates] you worked on this project

Once you have submitted your paper, you can expect a confirmation email within two weeks. If not, please write back to us. The editor may return the manuscript for revisions, and publication is subject to whether the author is willing to revise their work.

The deadline to apply for Tezhib Journal: Volume III is January 1st, 2024.

Multiple submissions are not accepted unless the second submission by the same applicant is co-authored, and where the concerned does not have first authorship.