Editorial Board

Saniyah Salman
As a Social Development and Policy major, Saniyah Salman is passionate about climate change and gender related issues. Over the course of her undergraduate at Habib, she demonstrated her passion for research on multiple occasions such as her participation in the Summer Tehqiq Program. She conducted independent research on vulnerabilities of Katchi Abadis in the face of climate change illustrated through a case study of Pehalwan Ghot. She also worked at Karachi Cartography, an award-winning climate justice organization, as a research intern. She is a co-author of a children’s story book on gender roles in Pakistan. With an interest in literature, she has been featured in Arzu Anthology 5, and served as associate editor in Arzu Anthology 6. 

Samana Butul
Managerial Editor
Samana Butul is a Comparative Humanities major, graduating in 2024 with a primary focus on Comparative Literature. Her interests encompass Urdu Literature, politics, and philosophy. Currently holding the position of Managerial Editor for Tezhib 23-24, she has also served as a Research Assistant to Professor Nahrain Al Mousawi, contributing to research on Faiz Ahmed Faiz and the Afro-Asian Writers’ Association. Samana’s participation in the Summer Tehqiq Research Program involved work on Khanqahi Madrassas and Sufi Reformation in the 19th Century, along with independent research on the Muhajir struggle for recognition. Her engagement in extracurricular activities has further refined her management, writing, and editing skills. 

Soha Zaka
Managerial Editor
Soha Zaka is a dedicated social development and policy major with a deep passion for policy formulation, research, and economics. Her commitment to creating positive societal change led her to work as a research assistant for Farhan Anwar on the project ‘Activating Public Spaces in Karachi.’ During this role, she honed essential skills in data analysis, data synthesis, and conducted extensive field research. 

Sajal Fatima
Design Lead
A dynamic force in visual communication and design innovation, Sajal Fatima, majoring in Computer Engineering, brings an unwavering dedication to showcasing Tezhib’s essence through vibrant colors and innovative design. With a deep passion for visual storytelling, Sajal has masterfully crafted anthology covers and co-authored works that seamlessly merge design elements with captivating narratives. Her commitment to Tezhib’s visual identity is unmatched, infusing each project with creative brilliance and strategic vision, ensuring the publication resonates with audiences on a profound and engaging level. Beyond Tezhib, she has showcased leadership by spearheading design teams, showcasing her expertise and active engagement in extracurricular activities.
Soheba Shoaib
Design Lead
Soheba Shoaib, currently in her third year, is pursuing a major in Communication and Design with a specific concentration in Design. Her diverse interests span from illustration to crafting user interfaces, and she actively engages in researching ways to enhance user experiences. Outside the academic realm, Soheba copes with stress through journaling and immersing herself in music during her leisure time. Within the Habib community, her journey has been notably fruitful, holding the position of President at the Sustainability Club. Her roles include serving as a photography assistant for the Marketing and Communication department and leading the design team for the Arzu anthology. Soheba has also contributed her design skills to prominent projects such as Groove Fest, UX Pakistan’24, and she is currently involved in designing for IFTP’24.