Ethics Code

Submission for Tezhib Volume III are closed now. All the manuscripts are submitted through email at Stay tuned for Volume 3.

Ethics Code

This section is important for all the authors submitting primary research work.

Faculty Sponsorship Form

The form is a declaration by the instructor who supervised the research concerning research ethics, quality of work and originality of the research idea/question. The letter must be attached as a separate PDF document with the instructor’s computerized signature to the email submission.
The sponsoring letter should indicate that the sponsor has read and critiqued the manuscript on its content, method, grammar, and overall presentation. In addition, assert that the research followed ethics guidelines as set by the institutional review board of the university where it has been produced. Lastly it should confirm that the manuscript represents the work of undergraduate student(s)/author(s). The letter must include the following statement at the end.
I, [FACULTY SPONSOR’S NAME] certify that I have observed Tezhib Undergraduate Research Journal’s submission guidelines and hereby recognize [STUDENT’S NAME] work as original. I am a voluntary and willing sponsor of this work.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approval Letter

If a manuscript mentions that the study is approved by the IRB of a university or research center, the author is obliged to submit an IRB Letter of Ethics Approval. The letter can be undersigned by the chair or any other member of the IRB and should have the name of the author(s) and research title on it.