A Sophomore’s Reflection of Freshman Year

June 2016 marked the end of a very exhausting yet equally exciting semester at Habib University. The educational modules have unquestionably changed our instructive experience. Besides what was learned through every one of those assignments and exams, we were regularly exposed to lectures compelling us to critically ponder upon the more pressing issues in life. I am beginning to realize that the nature of education and information that we are receiving at Habib is extremely rare.

I should acknowledge that the Habib Liberal Core courses, ‘Rhetoric & Communication’ and ‘What is Modernity?’, were an eye-opener…so much of what we learned and unlearned at the same time. With the support of the liberal core, we are put on a path where through our own attempts we explore to acquire answers concerning the various hidden truths here on earth.

I think the past academic year has made us understand a great deal; the student body has become more cohesive and is developing together. Furthermore, we (or at least a large portion of us) are in agreement with regards to expressing a feeling or ‘thought’, transforming the possibility of a ‘Habib school of thought’ into reality. An example of that would be the thought of ‘gratitude’. I personally have learned that once I become grateful for what we have, I tend to see more potential within us.

Personal Metamorphosis

HU has taught me to recognize impulsively delightful things such as how much brilliance, a simple smile, or a wrinkle on someone’s face, or the words they speak, or the manner in which they talk, can hold. I also realized that body type and size does not stop one from feeling and being beautiful. Besides, you cannot please everybody, so wasting your effort will not get you anything.

What I have discovered is that satisfaction does not originate from appeasing other individuals, it originates from feeling content with your own particular life and objectives. By always criticizing yourself and stressing over each and every issue that emerges, you are neglecting a great opportunity for contentment that you could have had from the start.

I learned that everything in life is teaching you and setting you up for something, and along the course there will definitely be knocks, out and about. Overcoming the obstacles will be hard, however, somebody once said to me, “What is the purpose of life if everything was simple? You only get stronger and tougher along the way!”

I have changed to such an extent as a person – who I used to be and who I am now. And the best part is, I do not regret even a single change…it all has happened for the better.

This blog was written by Fatima Naseem, Social Development & Policy (SDP), Class of 2019.

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