Six Motives to Sign Up for a Semester with HU this Summer

If you are still unsure whether to enroll yourself for Habib University’s highly anticipated Summer Semester, here are some of the reasons why you should definitely consider the opportunity to broaden your intellectual horizon:

  1. Competent Faculty Committed to Critical Pedagogy
    Habib University take prides in the fact that faculty members are not only distinguished scholars, but also prolific educators. Once you enroll for the Summer Semester, you will be taught by some of the best and renowned names in higher education in Pakistan and abroad.

    You can learn more about HU’s AHSS and SSE faculty.

  2. Intellectually Stimulating and Diversified Curriculum
    Habib University provides a holistic learning experience to everyone enrolling for the Summer Semester. This is evident from the diversity of courses offered pertaining to multiple disciplines to appeal to applicants from all walks of life.
    For a complete list of courses being offered at HU Summer Semester 2016, click here
  3. Inspiring and Facilitative Learning Spaces
    One of the prime incentives of enrolling for the summer is the HU campus. Being part of the Summer Semester means having access to all campus facilities including the Library, Film Studio, Gymnasium, Sports Courts, Cafeteria, Computer and Engineering Labs.
  4. A Globally Connected Classroom
    A Global Classroom is connected, interactive, and most importantly, engaging! Habib University is one of the only few universities in Pakistan which prides itself of providing A Global Classroom to students where they not only learn, but also are the key drivers of intellectual dialogues aimed at promoting the learning culture.
  5. Cross Discipline Networking and Experiences
    You will encounter people from all walks of life belonging to different disciplines such as students, professionals, and non-working individuals who simply want to broaden their intellectual horizon. This is bound to give you a unique opportunity to learn from their experiences while also adding to their intellectual growth.
  6. Credit Transfers and Certificates
    What happens after you successfully complete the course(s)? Is the only major takeaway from the Summer Semester intellectual growth?
    Not really.

    Upon the successful completion of the course(s), you will be provided with either a certificate (professionals/non-professionals) or course credits which can be easily transferred to your existing degree program (for students).

Ready to make a valuable investment in your future? Start your application process NOW!

The last date to submit applications for Habib University’s Summer Semester is 25th May, 2016 (Wednesday).


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