Broaden Your Intellectual Horizon with Habib University’s Summer Semester

Habib University’s Summer Semester is an excellent opportunity for individuals (Students, Non-students, and Professionals) who aim to broaden their intellectual horizon by studying at one of the emerging universities in South Asia.

Interested but not sure where to start? Here are some answers to help you on your way forward:

  1. Am I eligible for this program?

    You are eligible for Habib University’s Summer Semester if you are any one of the following:

    • Current Habib University Student.
    • Habib University Employee.
    • Regular Full-time Student enrolled in an Undergraduate or Masters Program at a recognized University of Pakistan or aboard.
    • High School Student, University Student, Professional, Self-employed Individual and/or a Life-Long Learner.
  2. What are the key dates to keep in mind?

    Just to make sure that you don’t miss this opportunity, keep a watchful eye on your calendar and mark the following dates:

    • 25th May: The last date to submit your complete application along with all the necessary documents and requirements.
    • 2nd June: The last date to submit 50% of your tuition fee for the Summer Semester upon receiving the acceptance letter from the Admissions Department.
    • 6th June: Congratulations! Your first class will be held at Habib University.
  3. What are the courses on offer?

    At Habib University, we aim to provide a holistic learning experience to individuals belonging to all walks of life. This particular commitment is reflected in the courses we offer; from Basic Farsi to Calculus, Documentary Filmmaking to Introduction To Theatre As An Art Form.

    To see if you are eligible for the courses of your choice, please check the course list by clicking here.

  4. Will I be awarded credits or certificates?

    All students will be provided appropriate credits for the courses they will successfully complete. All professionals and other participants will be awarded academic certificates for their professional resumes after the successful completion of the HU Summer Semester.

  5. What is the Fee Structure?

    Habib University, being a world class institution with a ‘global classroom’, aims to provide the best to students when it comes to education. To know about all the necessary details pertaining to the fee structure and other relevant investments which are bound to be rewarding, click here.

  6. Can I get a scholarship?

    Of course you can! Habib University has limited scholarships for the Summer Semester though it can only be availed by students enrolled in Undergraduate or above programs at a recognized university.

    Click here to find out more details regarding the scholarships we offer at Habib University for the Summer Semester.

  7. What is it like to study at Habib University?

    Habib University offers an exciting prospect to everyone interested in attaining world class education with a local perspective thereby getting the best of both worlds.

    With our highly qualified international faculty and state of the art facilities (Library, Film Studio, Gymnasium, Sports Courts, Cafeteria, Computer and Engineering Labs), the learning ambiance that Habib University offers in unrivalled.

    To explore the vibrant life at Habib University, click here.

  8. All this sounds extremely interesting! Where do I start?

    If you are interested in getting yourself enrolled for the Summer Semester at Habib University, just click here and start your application process right now (for external applicants only. Current HU students are requested to contact the Registrar Office).

    Remember, the last date to submit your application is 25th May!


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