President Wasif Rizvi’s Address to Habib University’s Faculty

On 3rd January 2023, at Tariq Rafi Hall, a session with the prestigious faculty of Habib University was organized for institutional and intellectual development. Habib University’s faculty is quite aware of their role concerning pedagogical and curricular fabric but it is critically important to appreciate the big picture and uniqueness of Habib University. To understand the big picture of Habib University, Mr. Wasif Rizvi, President of Habib University addressed the faculty by wishing them Happy New Year.

“In a relatively short time, Habib University is squarely regarded among the best institutions of Higher Education in Pakistan. There are a lot of conversations, expressions and testimonials in this regard.” Mr. Wasif Rizvi said while addressing the faculty, “There are three fundamental things which are unique to Habib University: Nature of the academic program, high-quality faculty and diversity of students.” He further explained while talking about the diversity of students, “Perhaps, this is the most unique feature of Habib University, structurally speaking, because it is a very difficult thing to do, so difficult that it has not been done in last 400 years except the United States. This makes Habib University once in a four-hundred-year event”

Speaking further, he said that something very unique happened 386 years ago in the realm of higher education and that was the creation of Harvard University. It was the very first model created by the common citizens and was contained in the United States. In Pakistan, 1 in 10,000 families, can afford to send their child to costly private universities. So, private universities have two options, either enroll children of the rich or reduce the quality of education. But Habib University is different, where there is a diversity of students coming from different socio-economic backgrounds and educational quality is best.

Furthermore, he said, “Indeed, Habib university is a historic event, one of its kind institutions and it truly requires the engagement of all the stakeholders. We are looking at the faculty to play a much more prominent and engaged role in the mission of Habib University which makes them its leaders and drivers.”

President further talked about that Habib university’s aim is centered around student-centricity and providing great academicians to this country.  For this, there are two flagship initiatives, the Graduate School Curation Program (GSCP) and Career Curation Program (CCP). In keeping with the University’s aim to promote student achievement while developing leaders and thinkers who have a positive influence on society, the Graduate School Curation Program provides a framework for undertaking undergraduate research in Pakistan. And, Career Curation Program (CCP) is a first-of-its-kind program, which has been designed in collaboration with Industries and is geared towards bright young minds looking to craft a thoughtful career journey.


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