‘Numaish Karachi’ Scores a Nomination at PIF National Innovation Awards 2016

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.

– Aristotle

Staying true to the above maxim while continuing the journey towards excellence in the academics and innovation sphere, Habib University takes delight in adding yet another achievement to its list of accolades being garnered over a span of two years. The nomination of Numaish Karachi for the 2nd National Innovation Awards 2016 in the ‘Art and Design’ category serves as a moment of pride and sheer happiness for the faculty and management at HU.

The 2nd National Innovation Awards – the country’s only awards for Innovation – shall be presented at the upcoming Pakistan Innovation Forum 2016 on December 8 at Serena, Islamabad. Being organized by Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF), the event will feature outstanding achievements from a range of different sectors in Pakistani society including Education, Healthcare, Government, Corporate, Social, Civic, Industry, Agri/Rural, Art/Design, Fintech/Finance, Startup, Most Innovative University, and so on.

The National Innovation Awards aim at recognizing and rewarding ideas and innovation that have a significant impact on society at various levels. Celebrating the true innovative spirit being imbued with art, knowledge, and creativity, the nominations for the awards are picked and chosen after conducting a thorough evaluation of projects in terms of vision and long-term sustainability.

Numaish Karachi – an interdisciplinary initiative of Habib University, ‘I Am Karachi,’ Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC), and Ministry of Culture – is also a part of the nominations for the award along with other nominees including Burka Avengers, AZCORP Entertainment, SOC Films for 3 Bahadur, and Patari.

Led by Ms. Saima Zaidi, Assistant Professor for Communication Studies and Design at HU, other core team members involved in the project from Habib University include Dr. Saleha Raza, Assistant Professor for Computer Science, Ifrah Jaffri, Research Assistant for Electrical Engineering, and Gulbadin Khan, Lab Assistant for CS.

The latest project ‘DIY City, Karachi-Manchester’ is a collaboration between Numaish Karachi, Habib University, MadLab Manchester and the British Council, Pakistan.

Reclaiming public places, one creative installation at a time, Numaish Karachi has succeeded in opening up public places for cultural production transforming them into inclusive urban retreats…and the journey does not end here.

Our creative journey has just begun!


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