Three Eminent Faculty Members Appointed Program Directors

In recognition of their outstanding and sustained contribution to scholarly activities, teaching, and commitment to the strategic mission and vision of Habib University, three faculty members have been appointed as the new Program Directors for their respective discipline.

Two of the new appointments have come in the Dhanani School of Science and Engineering (DSSE). Dr. Humaira Qureshi has been appointed as Program Director for Integrated Sciences and Mathematics, while Dr. Ayaz ul Hassan Khan, will be the new Interim Program Director for Computer Science. In the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Mr. Zain Saeed will be the new Program Director for the Communication and Design program.

Dr. Christopher Taylor, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty congratulating the esteemed faculty members, expressed his gratitude and confidence in their service, unique talent, and deep commitment to the mission of Habib University and its students.

“I am both thrilled by and very grateful for the opportunity to work with these three wonderful faculty colleagues in their new roles as Program Directors. I have every confidence that they will continue build upon the accomplishments of their predecessors as we collectively work to make Integrated Sciences and Mathematics (iSciM), Computer Science and Communication and Design even stronger programs.” Dr. Taylor said.

Speaking of her aspirations as the newly appointed Program Director for Integrated Sciences and Mathematics (iSciM), Dr. Qureshi said, “[I want to ] lead the program towards obtaining the approval for a bioscience minor.” She also expressed her hope to take the program forward by keeping it up with current global scenarios sufficiently equipping Habib University’s graduates for the post-pandemic world.

Commenting on Habib University’s novel approach, Dr. Humaira Qureshi was appreciative of Habib  University’s conducive environment for professional growth saying, “Habib University has always pleasantly surprised me on how supportive they are towards working mothers, and here as well, they did not hesitate to appoint me in a leadership role.”

Dr. Ayaz ul Hassan Khan, appointed as the Interim Program Director for Computer Science sharing his gratitude and vision for the program, commented, “It is indeed humbling to be appointed as the Program Director for the Department of Computer Science at Habib University. I envision expanding the Computer Science program to include research and industry-academia collaboration to provide a diverse learning experience to the students who can contribute positively to the changing digital world with their skills and command of the technology.”

Dr. Ayaz ul Hassan Khan also committed to ensuring faculty development by offering them training related to course designs, research and development, strategic time management, and strategic vision.

Mr. Zain Saeed, the new Program Director for Communication and Design expressed his exhilaration, saying, “Taking up the position of Program Director for Communication and Design is very exciting for me, particularly because it gives me the responsibility and the agency to really change the educational experience of students in the program.”

Mr. Saeed is committed to ensuring that the Communication and Design program lives up to its potential and become a pioneer in design and media education in the country. To nurture this progression and promote the continuous development of teaching excellence, he is dedicated to designing an intellectually exciting and creatively stimulating curriculum and devising new and innovative methods to make the undergraduate journey of the talented and committed students the most fulfilling it can be.

The new appointments are part of Habib University’s approach of continuous improvement of its programs to ensure that its students are provided with the most current knowledge and skills.


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