Hult University Visits HU

Habib University conducted its first Hult Prize event on campus on the evening of Friday, 16th November 2018. The event was led by Safia Hussain who is a Social Development and Policy junior at Habib University.
Hult Prize on campus program is a social entrepreneurship platform where students and youth from all around the world participate in their respective universities and come up with ideas that aim to solve the problems society faces in today’s world. The theme for this year was Youth Unemployment, and the students were asked to create businesses that would provide jobs to 10,000 people in the next 10 years. The organizing team called three judges for the event. These judged were Dr. Severine Minot, Nofal Khan, and Maheen Adamjee.
Maheen Adamjee, a graduate from The London School of Economics (LSE), is an award-winning journalist and educator. She is the co-founder of an education-technology start-up called Dot & Line. Dot & Line creates scalable learning environments, enabling women to gain meaningful employment from home. Meanwhile, students in communities across Pakistan gain access to a world class math program at an affordable price. Maheen also manages a creative space for children and volunteers her time with a health sector NGO called Patients’ Aid Foundation.
Dr Severine Minot is one of the professors at Habib University in the Arts Humanities and Social Sciences School. She has completed her PhD from York University in Canada. Dr Minot’s research interests include cultural politics of identity formation and trans-cultural dynamics emerging from the global flow of people, merchandise, capital and information.
Nofal Khan is the CEO of Magpie B&W and the co-founder of Brand Muscle. He is also a digital marketing professional with nine years of experience in content marketing and digital strategy. Combining deep knowledge of content development, branding, advertising, social media strategy, and PR expertise to elevate consumer’s digital experience.
The event was a success and students learned a lot from it. Prior to the final event, a workshop was conducted with Asra Rizwan who is Asra R. Khan is the Founder & CEO of OpenMic, a social startup that engages millennials in the conversations about the future of Pakistan through open dialogue and policy debates. She has been associated with TechJuice as a startup and policy analyst, and her work has been featured in Dawn. She also served as a research and data analyst for Karachi Civic Innovation Lab. She is a scholarship recipient of Harvard Project for Asian & International Relations and is currently a Local Pathways Fellow for Sustainable Development Solutions Network. She visited Habib University and helped the students further develop their ideas and acted as a mentor for them.
Students came up with brilliant ideas, and the winning team was Social Software Incorporation whose aim was to provide cheap and accessible technology while bridging the gap between students of different fields and providing employment.

Hult prize on campus winner

Hult prize on campus runner up 1

Hult prize on campus runner up 2

Written by Safia Hussain, Social Development and Policy, 2020


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