Habib University offering 50% Scholarship for Summer Semester

Habib University is offering individuals from all walks of life, a unique learning opportunity at one of Pakistan’s finest educational institutes through the induction of the HU Summer Semester program.

The Summer Semester program is specially designed for students belonging to different institutes who are actively seeking cross-curricular learning opportunities in terms of broadening their intellectual horizon. The program will expose students from varied academic backgrounds to a mosaic of courses pertaining to linguistics, theatre, arts and sciences.

Keeping true to HU’s commitment of offering an intellectually stimulating and diversified curriculum which is also affordable, up to 50% scholarship is being offered to external students who are able to furnish five relevant reasons proving their merit in the application form which should be submitted by 25th May, 2016.

Need hints regarding how to make a successful case with the Admissions Department to earn a scholarship?  

Habib University believes in the Philosophy of YOHSIN which encompasses five major paradigms: striving for Excellence; appreciating Aesthetics; nurturing Passion; Respecting others; and Serving the communities in which we reside. Therefore, students who are applying for scholarships must make sure that the essence of YOHSIN is reflected in their application.

Having said that, even though the number of scholarships are limited, the criteria of offering them to students enrolling for the Summer Semester program is by no means restricted to purely academic achievements. In fact, students with extra-curricular achievements are encouraged to apply for scholarships as well by making a relevant case for their selection.

Though there is no golden rule to earn a scholarship at HU’s Summer Semester, consider this a starting point and build a strong case which is relevant while inculcating the essence of YOHSIN.

If you need further help regarding the application process, please feel free to contact one of the Admissions Counselors.


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